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Activities for Readers, Grades 2-5

Talking, playing and even cooking with your child can help reinforce the reading skills learned in school. Here's how.

What to expect in third grade

Learn about what to expect for your child in third grade.

Third grade: Helping your child with reading

One simple secret for helping your third grader with reading

Third grade: What your child should know

Keep tabs on your third-grader's development with this handy checklist.

Will My Third-Grader Advance to Fourth Grade?

I have a third-grader who reads at a first- or second-grade level. She might not pass the third grade and that would be a catastrophe! (Self-esteem, embarrassment, defeat). I changed schools this year in the hope that it would help. I am very afraid for...

Your third grader and PE

Many third graders apply their PE skills to sports and activities outside of school.

Your third grader and technology

Third graders learn the names of various computer parts and how to use a mouse to maneuver items on the screen.

Your third grader and art

Third graders work independently and in groups to create more detailed art. They identify art from different parts of the world and learn new art techniques.

Your third grader and music

Third graders sing, move to music, and begin to play simple melody instruments. They also learn how instruments work together in an orchestra.

Your third grader and math

Facts, facts, and more facts! In addition to drilling those times tables, third graders focus on math facts rather than fancy ideas.