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We look beyond scrip and bake sales in search of the big dollars available to schools.

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Taking time to help others this holiday season can teach children how to contribute to their communities and give families valuable time together.

25 ways to catch and keep volunteers

Is your parent group looking for new volunteers? Here are tips to lure them in, keep them happy, and avoid the pitfalls that will keep them from coming back.

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What Makes a Great School Board Member?

What makes a school board effective? Learn what qualities to look for in a successful school board member.

How to Choose a School Board Candidate: What Every Voter Should Know

Before you vote, find out here what a school board does and what to look for in candidates.

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GreatSchools readers share what they'd like to see improved at their schools.

How One Mom Transformed Her School

Getting Involved: Anna-Marie Booth founded the Parent Teacher Student Association and raised money to support programs at school.

How One Mom Helped Get Others Involved

Getting Involved: Tanyit Arellanos organized volunteers to help supervise students and encouraged Latino parents to become involved at school.