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How Can I Help My Grandson With Math Homework?

My grandson is in fifth grade and I am struggling to help him with math homework. I'm 52 and frankly some of the work I have never seen before. How can I help him properly?

The best place to do homework

Go beyond the desk, and check out these ideas for alternative study spaces.

Tips for no-hassle homework time

Set the stage for homework success with a nightly plan.

How Do I Manage My Child's Homework?

My daughter's homework load has increased with more research reports and assignments that are due over a longer period of time. She has been procrastinating until the last minute. Then she panics, stays up late and turns in work that is not up to par...

Helping your child be more organized

Use a day planner to help you and your child keep his busy life organized.

Help your child with multi-digit multiplication problems

Learn two simple ways to solve multi-digit multiplication problems.

How to Keep Reading With Your Child

How you can help at home: Support your fourth- or fifth-grader's reading skills by reading aloud, listening to your child read and discussing vocabulary.

Power Reading Talk

How you can help at home: Ask your child lots of questions to build his understanding of what he is reading.

Simple ways to build math skills at home

How you can help at home: Build your child's math skills with these easy strategies.

Fun ways to read with your child

You have a big influence on your child when you read together. Learn how to make the most of this special time.