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How to help your child with homework

Six tips for helping your child study at home.

Top online resources for homework help

From atlases to study guides, these recommended websites will help students ace their assignments.

Best ways to help with math homework

Use these tips to help your child with her math homework.

Bright ideas from our readers: Homework help

GreatSchools' readers share their ideas for avoiding battles on the homefront over homework.

How Can I Help My Child with Homework?

My child is absolutely ecstatic about going to kindergarten, or "big kid" school as she refers to it. However, we are having a problem with her weekly homework assignment. She refuses to adhere to the guidelines of her assignments. For example she will...

How Much Should I Help with Homework?

I am having trouble balancing being involved as a parent in my son's schoolwork and knowing when to back off and let him learn on his own. I know there are several parents who review their children's homework every night. I, on the other hand...

Help your child develop good homework habits

Three simple steps to make your child's homework happen.

How Can I Help My Grandson With Math Homework?

My grandson is in fifth grade and I am struggling to help him with math homework. I'm 52 and frankly some of the work I have never seen before. How can I help him properly?

My 12-Year-Old Still Needs My Help With Homework

I need information on how to get a 12-year- old to do her own homework! I am probably in the wrong school, too fast paced. But, I can't break the umbilical cord where she could work by herself, no matter how much I tell...

Homework resisters

Have school evenings become a brutal battleground? Here's how to transform any type of homework hater into a homework hero.