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Online resources to get your child excited about reading

If you're still looking for a book that will spark your child's interest in reading this summer, check these resources.

How to Keep Reading With Your Child

How you can help at home: Support your fourth- or fifth-grader's reading skills by reading aloud, listening to your child read and discussing vocabulary.

Improving Older Kids' Reading Speed and Comprehension

Do you want to know what can be done to improve your middle or high school student's reading speed and comprehension? In this article, an expert addresses this concern.

When you love to read, but your child doesn't

A book-loving mom shares her frustration and success in getting her dyslexic son to enjoy books.

Power Reading Talk

How you can help at home: Ask your child lots of questions to build his understanding of what he is reading.

Bright Ideas from our Readers: Getting Kids to Read

Our readers give tips that work to inspire kids to read.

Fun ways to read with your child

You have a big influence on your child when you read together. Learn how to make the most of this special time.

Explore the Web

Check out educational Web sites in math, language arts, science, social studies and the arts.

Parent-proven tips to get kids reading

Try these ideas from GreatSchools parents to get your child excited about reading.

10 ways to keep your child reading this summer

Use these creative ideas to get your child hooked on reading this summer.