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A brief overview of how to use to find a school.

10 signs of a great preschool

How to spot a top-notch program for your child.

How academic should a preschool be?

The best preschools blend play time and "seat work," helping develop academic skills while allowing children to learn through play.

Pitfalls of picking a preschool

Want to find the right school for your soon-to-be preschooler? Avoid the three top mistakes parents make when choosing their child's first educational experience.

Insider tricks for assessing preschools

Our resident school-choice expert offers deal-breakers and red flags on assessing preschools from a distance.

Preschool: looking at hours and costs

Consider your work schedule and your child's temperament when deciding on the best preschool schedule.

Preschool philosophies, A to Z

Learn about different preschool options with specific philosophies or approaches, such as Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia.

10 key questions for preschools

Choosing a preschool? Don't do it without getting the answers to these questions!

Choosing a school from a distance

Moving? We can help you choose the best school for your child.

What does the NAEYC seal of approval mean?

The NAEYC sponsors a challenging accreditation system to help parents identify high-quality preschools.