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High School Graduation and the Beginning of Adult Life Bring Joy and Trepidation

Relief and worry battle it out as a mom anticipates launching her son with LD into life after high school.

National Study Follows Youth With Learning Disabilities from High School to Adult Life

How do youth with learning disabilities fare in high school and beyond? A government study shows mixed outcomes.

Declaration of independence: Developing life skills for teens with LD

An expert outlines the skills your teenager with LD and/or AD/HD must develop to function as an independent adult, and how you can help.

How Temperament Affects Parents, Children, and Family Life

Don't assume family friction is a result of your child having  LD or AD/HD.  It could be due to his temperament -- and yours! 

Getting a job, getting a life: The workplace and young people with LD

Expert advice for parents on starting early to help kids with learning disabilities prepare for success in the workplace.

Adolescents - Conducting the Experiments: An Excerpt From Ready or Not, Here Life Comes

This book tackles the topic of transition to young adulthood - with a special advice for teens.

Identified With LD in Grad School: A Struggling Student Reflects

A culturally diverse graduate student with LD and AD/HD shares her insights and advice with parents and younger kids.

Smoothing your child's transition to middle school

Planning and conversation will ease your tween's anxiety about meeting the new, complex demands of middle school.

Transition to Work: Helping Teens Prepare for Typical Employer Questions

For young adults with learning disabilities, answering an employer's questions about learning difficulties takes self-awareness and preparation. Learn how to get ready for that conversation!

Research Trends: LD From the Inside - Children's Voices on the Internet

Researchers analyzed thousands of email exchanges between kids to get the insider view of life with a learning disability.