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Free tutoring under the No Child Left Behind Law

Your child may qualify for free tutoring, but you need to know your rights and ask questions to get the full benefit of the services the law requires.

Bright ideas from our readers: Tutoring tips

Parents chime in with their tips on finding the best academic help for students.

Thinking of getting a tutor? Ten questions you must ask

Asking the right questions can make all the difference in choosing a tutor for your child.

Peers and professionals can help resistant teens learn to read

Does your teenager struggle with reading but resist your suggestions and support? Where can you turn for help? An expert has some ideas for you.

826 Valencia: A great example of giving to schools

Giving to schools can take many forms: volunteering, fundraising or even running for school board. A group called 826 Valencia is giving back by teaching kids that writing is fun.

Resources to help gifted students

Check out these useful links to learn about appropriate curriculum for gifted students and how to support your gifted child.

How to get extra support from your school

After-school tutoring and conflict resolution are just two of the many ways schools can address the diverse needs of students.

Online math vs. online literacy

Educators at San Jose's Rocketship charter schools find online math programs more effective than online literacy

Homework case study #4: Disorganization disorder

One middle-schooler struggles not with the academics but the assignment itself.

Our 5 favorite preschool writing worksheets

Help your preschooler build important early writing skills with these fun worksheets.