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Is There a Science to Finding the Right Book?

A tennis racquet has one. So does a baseball bat. Could it be that a beginning reader has a sweet spot, too?

Books about confidence

Seven books to teach your child about confidence

Humor books for second graders

These second-grade reads are packed with goofy, "gooney," drooling pleasures.

Humor books for third graders

Say "Ahhhhh" or "bead a rook": A mouse dentist and backward bunnies lend these books their laughs.

Humor books for fifth graders

Your kid can get surreal with tales of David Letterman fandom and cows that make lemonade.

Science and nature books for kindergartners

Discover the many facets of life on earth with an award-winning photographer's take on dirt, an exploration of corn's cultural history, and a stunning photo-essay of one colorful chameleon. This book list will encourage kindergartners to ask questions about the science behind the everyday and...

Humor books for fourth graders

Your grade schooler will love these stories that make light of rabbit vampires, wimpy kids, and more.

Humor books for kindergartners

Help your child try on wings like Lulu the Ladybug Girl or read silly verse in these fun books for the kindergarten set.

Mystery books for kindergartners

What will happen next? Inspire your child's curiosity (and feeling for plot) with these mini-nailbiters.

Mystery books for fifth graders

From art heists to airships: fifth graders can explore these thrilling mysteries.