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Success outside of school

Help your child experience success and self-esteem in activities beyond the school walls.

How My AD/HD Son Became a Splashing Success

Different strokes for different folks is the motto one mom adopted while helping her young son with AD/HD find his sport.

LD and the Arts

Participating in the arts can help kids with learning disabilities discover dynamic new ways of learning.

Successful Artist With LD and AD/HD Seeks to Inspire Others

Working with paint and clay kept Robert Toth going when repeated school failure threatened his self-esteem. Now a world-class artist, he shares his story in hopes of inspiring others with learning disabilities.

Henry Winkler's dyslexic hero gives kids with learning difficulties the last laugh

Learn how actor Henry Winkler transformed his own unhappy experiences with dyslexia into stories of resilience and hope.

Teens with LD: Finding a summer job

Having a summer job can help a teenager who struggles in school experience new success. One mother shares strategies that worked for her son.

Sports: the next inclusion frontier?

Kids on IEPs need to get in on the fun in sports and PE classes

My son the vice president

When her teenage son announces he wants to run for student council, this mom doesn't blink. Even so, she is well aware of how far kids with Down syndrome have come.

What Do I Do If My Son Can't Get Into Special Ed?

What options do parents have in advocating for their child's educational needs? My son was evaluated by the school, and it was concluded that he met two of the three requirements needed to qualify for special education. Since he did not meet all three components...

It Worked: 9-Year-Old Plays a Role in His Own Success

One mother explains how her son with AD/HD had trouble working in small groups at school -- and how she found a strategy to help him succeed.