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Tips for helping your child with writing assignments

Written language may be the most difficult form of language expression. For children with LD, it can be a serious challenge. Learn how to support your child in this important subject.

Effective Writing Instruction for Students With Learning Problems

Learn about proven classroom strategies for helping kids master writing.

Seven great ways to encourage kids' writing

Spark your child's interest in writing at home with engaging, fun activities.

Learning to Spell - A Challenge for Elementary Students With LD

Get expert advice on common spelling problems in kids with learning disabilities and tips for conquering them.

Buyer beware: Evaluating products and services for your child

Buyer beware! Learn how to determine if a product or service is reliable -- and whether it's right for your child.

On Their Own: Sage Advice for Parents

In a poignant passage from her book, mother and heiress Ann Ford reflects on the lifelong realities of raising a child with learning disabilities.

Latino/Hispanic Cultural Influences on Assessing and Treating AD/HD

Learn how culture affects assessment and treatment of AD/HD - and how sensitivity can help.

Parent picks: Great books on central auditory processing disorder

Central auditory processing disorder is a condition that affects how the brain recognizes and interprets sounds, most notably speech. Turn to these books, recommended by a mother of a child with CAPD, for the facts on this complex and hard-to-diagnose disorder.

Parent picks: Great books on dyslexia

These six books, recommended by a parent of a child with dyslexia, cover a gamut of topics, from advice on navigating the public school system to tips for coping and becoming an effective advocate for your kid.

Portable Word Processors

Learn about assistive technology tools called portable word processors.