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Special education evaluation: An overview

Learn about the purpose, procedures, and laws for evaluating a child for special education services.

Special education: a practical primer

Learn about your rights and responsibilities, as well as what to expect, when you enroll your child in special education.

Crash course on special education

Parents of children with special needs are often overwhelmed about what to do. Our exclusive video gives the lowdown on how to advocate for your child.

Understanding special education laws and rights

A parent's guide to the many layers of special education law.

Busting some special education myths

Discipline and the IEP: the rules may not be what you think

Preparing for Your Journey Through the Special Education Maze

Become an effective participant at IEP meetings by systematically observing your child and documenting facts.

No Child Left Behind and School Choice Opportunities in Special Education

To benefit from NCLB, parents of kids with learning disabilities must understand key provisions in this federal education law.

Dyslexia and the education environment

People with dyslexia have differences in brain structure. How can educators use this knowledge to teach them more effectively? An expert shares his insights.

Frequently Used Acronyms in Education

Alphabet soup at school? Use this handy guide when you need help decoding the abbreviations and acronyms used in the world of education.

Learning disabilities and educational testing

An interview with a school psychologist.