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What happens if you get a bad teacher?

How to cope when your child's teacher is out and out terrible.

What does teacher tenure mean for parents?

Experts say the California tenure case has huge national significance, but what does it mean for your child?

Emergency homeschooling

When traditional school fails your child mid-year, what's a parent to do? As one desperate mom discovers, there's no place like home.

Raising middle schoolers’ EQ and IQ

Think tweens and teens don't listen and don't care? Think again. If this seventh grade math teacher can get kids to be kind and work hard, you can, too.

Jockeying for teachers

Should parents get to request certain teachers for their children?

Teacher experience and credentials

Teacher experience and credential information gives you an indication of the teacher quality at a school.

Navigating rocky relationships with teachers

You need to have a plan of action when you believe there's a problem with your child's teacher.

What makes a great teacher?

Study after study shows the single most important factor determining the quality of the education a child receives is the quality of his teacher.

When the teacher is the bully

Bullying has become a national issue. But what do you do if the school bully is your child's teacher?

What teachers know

Great tips from great teachers that can make a difference for your child.