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Surprising advice about parenting books from a bestselling parenting-book author

Proceed with caution when it comes to parenting advice, says Madeline Levine, author of "Teach Your Children Well" - but there is one expert you should trust.

Do you need a parent coach?

Go, Mom, go! Could a parent coach turn you into the parent you always hoped to be?

Bruce Feiler's favorite parenting tip

Bruce Feiler spent years interviewing experts on how to have a happy family - and learned enough to fill a book. But here's his favorite piece of advice for parents.

Madeline Levine's all-time top parenting tip

Renowned psychotherapist and "Teach Your Children Well" author Madeline Levine talks about one thing parents should do for their child's well-being.

Carol Dweck: My favorite parenting tip

We asked, they answered: 5 parenting experts share their best nugget of advice. Here, "Mindset" author Carol Dweck on the right (and wrong) way to praise your child.

Erica Reischer: My favorite parenting tip

We asked, they answered: 5 parenting experts share their best advice. Here, parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer warns against making this common discipline mistake.

Parents have two primary jobs: love and discipline

The first comes naturally. The second? "It’s hard," admits psychologist Madeline Levine. Get her advice for how to handle this tough -- and essential -- parenting task.

Supernanny's Deborah Tillman: My all-time favorite parenting tip

We asked 5 of our favorite parenting experts to share their best tip. Here, TV's "America's Supernanny" talks about what parents must always do - no matter what.

Po Bronson on U.S. vs. Hong Kong parenting

In this video, author Po Bronson explains a study about how mothers in Hong Kong and the U.S. treat their children differently after doing poorly on an IQ exam.

What's a parent to do when their child announces, "I don't like reading!"?

Don't despair, says "Book Love" author Melissa Taylor. Instead, try these 3 secrets to get your reluctant reader hooked on books.