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Are schools “tech-ready” for the Common Core Standards?

The new standards reveal troublesome gaps in American schools' connectivity, and students' skills. So will schools be ready this year when students are put to the test?

Common Core 101

The who, what, when, where, and how of the new national education standards - and what they mean for your child.

7 Common Core questions

Eighty-five percent of U.S. students live in states adopting the new Common Core State Standards. Here are the essential questions - and answers - to get you up to speed.

Confessions of a Common Core tester

A believer in the the Common Core Standards confronts reality when her own daughter field tests the assessments and comes home in tears.

Can Common Core fix this problem?

The standards are supposed to prepare kids for college. See where the U.S. stands now.

Common Core: What's hot vs. what's not

The new Common Core Standards are shifting priorities at schools across the land. Get the lowdown on what's in — and out. (Hint: See you later, calculator.)

4 ways to advocate for your LD child under Common Core

LD expert Ben Foss on what parents need to know to prepare for the new education standards.

What are the Common Core State Standards?

Find out how the new academic guidelines will change what your child is learning.

RIP cursive: keyboarding is king

Under Common Core, the standards around writing tools have changed dramatically. What will it mean for your child's education?

Read like a detective, write like an investigative reporter

New education standards are turning kids into sleuths -- every day in every subject.