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Parenting Dilemmas

Disorganized student? Not after this...

Parenting expert John Duffy says you can transform even the most scattered child into a master of organization.

Understanding the System

7 things to tell the teacher about your child

No one knows your child like you do! Help the teacher by sharing these essentials about her new student.

Study Skills

Try a homework chart

A simple basic that magically transforms this daily chore into purposeful, meaningful work.

Back to School

Make the most of back-to-school night

At this important ritual, teachers explain their goals for the class — and your child. Six tips for a sucessful meeting.

Homework Headaches

4 types of homework resistors

When it comes to homework, does your child distract, delay, or refuse? Find your child's type — and the fix!

Worksheets & Activities

Super science worksheets

Show your child how fun science can be with our three favorite K-5 science worksheets.

Worksheets & Activities

Math magic for every grade

Ignite your child's passion for math — while boosting real skills — with our best preK-5 math worksheets.

Worksheets & Activities

Rev up reading!

No matter what level your child's at, our three favorite preK-5 reading worksheets boost literacy skills.

Worksheets & Activities

Real writing for every grade

Sharpen your child's writing skills with these fun preK-5 writing worksheets.

Worksheets & Activities

New! 2nd grade spelling lists

We have weekly spelling word lists to help your child become a spelling star.

Worksheets & Activities

New! Weekly spelling lists for 3rd graders

Help your 3rd grader ace the spelling bee with our new, weekly spelling word lists.

Worksheets & Activities

Fabulous 4th grade spelling words

Give your 4th grader an edge with our weekly spelling word lists.

Worksheets & Activities

Is your 5th grader a good speller?

These weekly spelling lists will help your child master words they're familiar with — and new vocabulary, too.

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