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Five Tips to Get Ready for the Last Days of School

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By GreatSchools Staff

Help your child update your family calendar

If you have more than one child to shepherd through this busy period you'll need to keep an eye on scheduling conflicts. Sometimes you have to enlist other relatives and friends to cover all the concerts and big games. If your child plays a role in marking the calendar, he'll see how he needs to budget his time for homework and still be able to attend all the rehearsals before the class play.

Beware of graduation escalation

There was a time when high school graduation was the one that mattered. Today, preschool, kindergarten, fifth-grade and middle-school graduations have become Major Events in many communities. Graduating from one school to another is certainly worth celebrating, but probably not worth breaking the family budget. Buying the expensive Hawaiian lei your child insists she needs for the fifth-grade graduation ceremony puts pressure on other parents to do the same. Talking to other parents ahead of time about holding down graduation costs can help you hold the line on your budget.

And finally ...

You don't have to bake the cookies. Buy them and enjoy a quiet hour reading with your child instead!

Comments from readers

"Dear Parents: My two children are grown now. I remember how stressed out I was when my son first had homework. It was a large cross-word puzzle. After thinking about it later, I believe I over-reacted. I believe he had the assignment wrong. That is where a parent needs to have had some contact with the school before you get too stressed out about the homework. You can get an address to go online or just wait until you get a chance to talk to the teacher and have him/her explain what the homework will look like. (Keep in mind, many years ago I just stressed out over my son's homework and the episode caused much trouble for our family because I did not have my ducks in a row starting at the b eginning of school. Many years later, I call my son and want to apologize to him for being so frustrated. School is for learning and if parents get upset about homework, chances are the child will not have positive feelings about homework the remainder of school years. Learning takes place when peop! le are calm and sure about the circumstances. >From a mother, grandmother, and teacher, Keep yourself under control because the years fly by. "
"I stumbsled on this site. You are wonerful!! We are three weeks away from the last day of school and there are a couple areas here that are going to help a lot. Thanks"
"It is goood but I think it suggests that you have to do these things. But as suggestions they are great. Me as a parent, personally think that I will give all my kids gifts for their teachers. I see that this was written in 2006 which isn't that long ago, so I will follow what it says because I trust that it is right. Thank you so much for these helpful hints and I will be sure to tell my friends with kids to visit this website. Thanks"