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Creating a dream study space for your child

Now that school's back in session, it's time to think about helping your child with at-home assignments. Here are our favorite ways to assemble the perfect homework spot.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Get a CLUE

One of the most important keys to your child’s school success is found right at home: Your kid’s study space.

But all too often, a home study spot is given short shrift — with little thought to how and where it’s set up — undermining how well your child can do his homework. Time to get a CLUE by asking yourself these questions:

Calm — Are there distractions (such as animals, TV, and music) that keep your kid from concentrating?

Light — How is the light? Low lighting may make your child sleepy and unfocused.

Uncluttered — Who wants to work at a messy desk?

Easy — Is it easy for your child to find and organize his stuff? 

Now that you know the questions to ask, here are seven ways to create the best study area for your child.

Comments from readers

"This idea cannot be mentioned enough. My own grandchild uses the kitchen table. It really is 'her' study space. Before and after meals she can read, do crafts, study, etc., . The TV is not on and the space is quiet. Mom is not far away ... usually sitting on the couch reading or sometimes watching a bit of TV in her bedroom. If Dad wants to watch sports he can go downstairs and watch TV. "
"I totally agree with this article thanks for the advice!!!!!:)"