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Third- through fifth-grade: back-to-school supply list

Here's a basic list if you don't have one from your child's school yet.

By GreatSchools Staff

Before you shop for back-to-school supplies, it's best to get a list of what's required from your child's school or new teacher. If the school list isn't available yet, you can still take advantage of back-to-school sales by sticking to the basics that you know your child will need.

Basic Writing Supplies

No. 2 pencils (Parents should stick to the basics here, advises Nicola Salvatico, Pennsylvania's 2005 Teacher of the Year. "When they get fancy pencils, it becomes a 'that's mine' event.")

Colored pencils

Pencil sharpener (hand held with a top to collect shavings)

Large pink eraser ("These good old ones do the best erasing," says Salvatico "The fancy ones look good but don't erase well.")

Ballpoint pens

Box of crayons (16-pack for younger kids, more for older ones, says Salvatico. "Parents need to think how their child can organize and care for their supplies before buying them the mega box of things.")

Water-based markers

Spiral bound or composition notebooks

Loose-leaf notebook paper
Note: Teachers can be picky about paper. Schools usually supply specially ruled handwriting paper to help younger children with letter formation. Older children use wide-ruled paper.

Basic Organizational Supplies

3-ring binder

Pocket folders

Box for storing supplies


Index cards, ruled and unruled (for making flash cards)

A sturdy, supportive backpack
Note: Some schools do not permit rolling backpacks because of space considerations, so check with your school before considering this option.

Basic Craft Supplies

Drawing paper

Construction paper

A ruler with English and metric measurements

Glue sticks

4-oz. bottle of white glue

Scotch tape


Scissors (blunt end for younger kids, pointy for older ones)

Water color paints

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"Make sure you do not buy fancy pencils or sharpeners it's a waste of money. "
"The most important school supply you can offer your kids would be free and straight from the heart....send them to school knowing they are loved no matter what happens and they are missed while away and you will have kids wanting to talk about their day and eager to be part of the world. Btw, each school & class requires different things for classes and in our town the individual schools, and classes, post their lists at the local Fred Meyers. We just go to the store and get everythign we need, of course not all supplies are purchased at Fred Meyers because the Dollar Store comes in real handy for us....:) Love your kids they will be grown up before you blink.....!! "
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"Crayons for a fifth grader!!! Seriously? They are thick and harder to use than pencil crayons. You can't draw as well with them. And fifth graders at my school aren't allowed to use them for those very reasons. Fancy pencils are fine. Only kindergartens have mine events. By fifth grade we don't do that. No one did it in forth grade or third grade either. The fancy erasers are fine too. From years of experimenting with fancy erasers some fancy erasers are better than plain boring erasers. "
"I'm going into grade 5. I hate crayons so much. I hate colouring like a baby. And zipper binders are very helpful and they fit in my desk fine. I don't need index cards. I stopped making flash cards in first grade. Seriously. Thats for babies. Maybe you should study what is needed more. And fancy erasers work great. Seriously. "
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"Please remember during this bad economy, try to help families in need, churches and organizations with school supplies and clothes for less fortunate. A lot of parents are having hard time to get their kids ready for this new school year. Please be a blessing for a family in need"
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"This is so helpful to younger minds and there parents! This gets them on the right track! You should mention that 2 weeks after school starts it will be half off!"
"These children need to learn self respect and for see that putting them in school colors will give them the self respect. It is to expesive to buy clothes for more them one child, where buying them uniforms It is much cheaper and they look good in unigorms. Less clothes will be missing or stolen. Lets bring uniforms back to school."
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"I am Having a difficult time paying for my kids supplies, and my community center said that they ran short this year and can not help. My husband died in May, and I am riddled with expenses, and on disability. The sschool said they will waive my tuitions, but cant help with supplies. Do you have any ideas. I have one 10 year old going into 5th grade, and a 12 year old going into 7th. Regards, Krisit Doll"
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"I teach 3rd grade and noticed that on your list of supplies you recommended hand-held pencil sharpeners. I do not allow my students to use these because they spend way too much time sharpening and re-sharpening during class. I also find the shavings all over the classroom. I bought 5 good electric sharpeners instead and the whole class can sharpen 2 pencils in less than 2 minutes. Thanks for your consideration."
"My kids school has supply lists available in the school office. For some reason they will not respond to the local stores that have requested them. All schools are different and need different items.This list is helpful and is a great starting point, My son's list is huge and has crazy requests on it. "
"School boxes are nice, but as a teacher I really do not like them. They are really noisy and can be a distraction. The pouches are much better. "
"Our school doesn't like school boxes - they ask that we buy pouches instead as they are more flexible and fit in crowded desks more easily."
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