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Favorite back-to-school basics

Back to school -- three words sure to elicit groans from most kids. And from procrastinating parents dreading those last-minute shopping trips for must-have gadgets and specialty items. Skip the sanity-testing scavenger hunts this year with these affordable, online basics (plus a few fun extras) for children of all ages. No malls required!

By GreatSchools Staff

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Fiskars Softgrip Blunt Kids scissors

Grades K-2

Scissors are a necessity for the grade school set, and this pair from Fiskars ($3.10 - $5.45) has a soft, rubbery grip made especially with youngsters in mind. The antibacterial handles come in solid colors or flashy patterns, while the blades are angled and blunt-tipped for safer cutting. But don't be fooled by the kid-friendly features — these can still cleave through paper, felt, and foam. Bonus: The scissors come with a lifetime warranty.