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38451 Fremont Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94536

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(510) 797-8186
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September 03, 2014
Our child has been at Prince of Peace since pre-school. We live two blocks from the local public school (which is very highly ranked), and didn't give a second thought that we would send our child to POP as opposed to going public. There were 20 children in each kindergarten class at POP. There were 35 that year in each kindergarten class at the public school. The teacher/student ratio alone is a huge bonus at POP, as compared to public school. Your child WILL get individual attention from his or her teacher, both for the academic and social/behavioral aspects of their schooling. I have yet to hear of a child that has moved on to high school (and many move on to rigorous private schools) that has had any trouble with the curriculum or was "a year behind" after their schooling at POP. The children are disciplined with love, and parents are encouraged to be involved and aware of the process. That being said, there is no tolerance for bullying, and any physical violence makes a child subject to expulsion. I hate to call out another parent, but I am suspect of the posting regarding their child's hair being pulled while teachers stood by. I don't hesitate to recommend POP.

- submitted by a parent

October 08, 2013
Our daughter attended preschool and is now in 1st grade, and everyone we've met and encountered at the school has nothing but the best interest of the child at hand. It is a warm and loving place to bring your child. They have a rigorous curriculum but also focus on teaching the child how to love others and treat others with respect and consideration.

- submitted by a parent

May 09, 2013
Both my kids attend Prince of Peach Lutheran School in Fremont. I highly recommend this school to all parents - whether you are Lutheran or not. BTW, I am not. Every teacher in this school deserve an A+ rating. They care about the kids and go out of their way to help the kids and their parents so many times that I have lost track. The teacher-parents-students are a great community. They look after each other. My only disappointment is that they dont have a high school. And I hope one day, they will. GREAT WORK POP!

- submitted by a parent

February 21, 2013
I have serious issues with the admission process. This school puts out cattle calls for Kindergarten, but they are already full. They take your non refundable fee, but don't return phone calls. They tell you it is a fair process, but offer no proof of this. I find it non Chrisitian to take hard earned money for hard working parents and then not return calls asking about status . Nor will they share how long this mysterious wait list is.

- submitted by a parent

January 14, 2013
PoP in Fremont is the BEST school I have ever been associated with and will continue to send my girls here, God willing. My girls are 4 (currently in preschool, started at 2) and 6 (first grade, started at the preschool at 3). Their teachers have been phenomenal in every aspect. They are caring, academically inspiring, and mentor in a loving way. Both daughters are thriving and growing up to be not only advanced academically, but are loving and considerate, all of which are fostered at this school. I have to question the negative posts that "their children are a year behind those in their new public school"; this is completely ludicrous to me as ALL of the teachers are fully engaged with their students. A year behind PUBLIC school?? Come on! I must say however, I am a fully involved Dad at the school and my children's classrooms so I am present and aware of the daily goings-on. Is there bullying? Maybe but I have those conversations with both my girls and their teachers so I am clear of the "dangers" they may face. Finally, the three Pastors at the school are incredible guys and are also present and heavily involved with the students...my girls love them. I love this school.

- submitted by a parent

October 16, 2012
Our 2 children have been at Prince of Peace since preschool. Both are now in the elementary school and thriving. We chose POP because we wanted our children to have a Christ centered education. We also did not want our children to be thrown into a class of 30+ peers like at the public schools. Starting at the front office, POP has great leadership. Mr Dueck, Head of School is an amazing leader who my children really respect. Mrs Rillamas in the school office has such a heart and the kids stop in to see her daily. Now onto the teachers - My children have been blessed each and every year with an amazing teacher. I talk to other POP parents all the time that say the same thing. How God has blessed each one of them with a passion to teach. The community is amazing and very welcoming to new families. As far as educational standards I know of several families who have had their children as POP K - 8 and they said their children have entered High School with a great foundation and are in AP classes.If you are looking for a school where Christ is at the center, put POP at the top of your list! The school continues to grow for two reasons, 1st God has blessed it and 2nd it is a great place.

- submitted by a parent

October 15, 2012
An education at Prince of Peace will offer you child the opportunity to grow socially, academically, emotionally, and physically. I have 3 children who have been part of this community and are flourishing in their areas of work and study. Prince of Peace is a small community with teachers who genuinely care about your child. There is opportunity for leadership. sports, music, science and much more. I would highly recommend this school for grades Preschool - 8th grade.

- submitted by a parent

September 25, 2012
My child attended this school for two years and endured two years of severe bullying. I was unaware of it at first since my child did not tell me about it but when she started coming home with marks on her body I became concerned. I spoke to both the teacher and principal and they assured me they would or have taken care of the situation. Reality is there is little to no supervision on the playground at recess and since the bully's were active members of the church they were not reprimanded. We left and went to our local public school and was shocked that she was a year behind her peers and we had to provide tutoring to get her up to grade level. At POP she was a top student so we thought she was doing well academically. I'm sick at the thought that we spent money on what we thought was a top notch education to find out it was sub par at best. Since her public school has a zero tolerance for bullying she is no longer being bullied and we can not recommend Prince of Peace for anyone. She still talks about how she was teased, had her hair pulled, pushed etc while the teachers were near by and she felt helpless.

- submitted by a parent

September 17, 2012
This school has issues that contradict their mission statement directly. During p.e., my child and several others had their hair PULLED by their teacher, for example. Also, the technology instructor was disrespectful in his manner of speaking to the students. The fact that my child was physically bullied while the principal was standing merely 30 feet away with a clear view made it intollerable. When we finally pulled our child out, we realized that she was a full grade level behind. From other parents, I've heard unfavorable treatment when issues are brought to the administration as well as if their family dynamic isn't traditional. Consider ALL of the schools in Fremont.

- submitted by a parent

March 11, 2012
I have been teaching at Prince of Peace for 6 years in our Jr. High program. There has been several changes in the last few years and we are only getting stronger! We recently implemented a complete overhaul of our technology. outfitting each room with a smart board and projector systems, added a full time technology teacher and overhauled our K-8 science and math programs. We are working on continuity between grades and implementing new teachers as we grow from 1-2 classes per grade. We are currently building a new building because we have grown so much we need more space! While we have had struggles in the past I truly believe we are the school to beat in the area and we are only growing stronger. I encourage you to stop by and take a tour! Our current principal would be happy to meet you and answer any questions you have!

- submitted by a teacher

August 12, 2011
So far we have only attended Pre-K here and are continuing on to Kindergarten later this. year. I have only wonderful things to say about our sons teacher, Ms Laurie. She is the best teacher/person I know. She is great at what she does and I don't know if I would love this school as much if it wasn't for her. We feel very happy with our decision to send our children there. It is a loving, nurturing environment and it is our "school family." We are proud to send our kids there and will contiue to do so as long as we are able.

- submitted by a parent

June 25, 2011
My son went to this school from Kindergarden through 8th grade. He is now graduating from high school. In AP classes in high school he actually said he remembered things he learned in 7th grade that were applicable on the test. His spiritual foundation was formed there and his faith took root. Even when he was at a high school with few believers, he was able to stand up for what he believes in and not conform to peer pressure. When he was attending there, I had complaints about a few of the teachers, but now that I look back on it, the good so far outweighed the bad that I am embarrassed that I ever thought to complain. All in all, sending my son there was one of the best decisions of my life. The bell choir, sports programs and outdoor education are icing on the cake.

- submitted by a parent

January 25, 2011
I love teaching at Prince of Peace because of the eager students, supportive staff, excellent new principal, and amazing support from the congregation. The new classrooms and electronic whiteboards are fantastic and open up new ways to teach. The teachers I work with have enthusiastically embraced all the changes to "revitalize" our school and the additional teachers that have been hired are excellent. I feel blessed to work at a school that promotes such a caring, Christ-centered environment and strongly emphasizes educational excellence. Behind the scenes there is a constant school improvement process that takes place and teachers are always working on new ways to achieve POP's learner outcomes. Many teachers volunteer extra time to help with extracurricular activities or struggling students. The Extended Care program is fabulous and my students who use it always love going there after school. I love working with the Prince of Peace team of teachers and staff because of their encouragement and dedication to the students.

- submitted by a teacher

May 12, 2010
I do not have any problems with this school. The academics are amazing and are the teachers. They are very involved with the children.

- submitted by a parent

March 09, 2010
I love this school and have been there since Kindergarten. They have great teachers and great acedemic levels . They just raised their learning standards and got new book and computers. There is many other things you can do here too. You can play handbelles, Track, Basketball,Volleyball and many other things like that. Theres many other events/trips you can go on such as Lest, Lodi and many other things. Lest involves going to Portland, Organ. Its a time when schools come togetther and compete in many differnt things. This is an awsome school for you and your child.

- submitted by a student

July 18, 2009
I am a long time parent of this school. I have seen many families come and go. Several core families stay because of the religious connection. I would check the retention rate and also investigate the Jr High very closely. At one time the elementary was strong, however it lacks academdic continuity from grade to grade which only gets worse in Jr. High. There is a definite community feel and family environment. This is both a positive and a negative. Good if you want to know your child's teachers - bad if you expect change, open minds and no powerful cliques. Be clear about what you need as a family when chosing this school. In order to be a satisfied parent at POP you must be relationship driven and somewhat lesser concerned about strong consistant discipline, straight anwers and follow through Do not choose based on academics alone.

- submitted by a parent

August 02, 2007
My older daughter just graduated from Prince of Peace (attending from K-8). The experiences she had a Prince of Peace - Portland LEST and the Lodi Basketball tournament, playing handbells, and school field trips were wonderful. The closeness of friends, the ability to talk to her teachers, and a Principal that really knows and cares about her made her school experience so memorable. I really appreciate the love and caring showed by the staff towards our family. Academically she did very well throughout her time at Prince of Peace. She tested at a Junior level in High School in all of her subjects on the recent testing. If you are looking for a collaborative environment where teachers, parents, and children work together, Prince of Peace is the place you should send your child.

- submitted by a parent

March 03, 2007
My son has been at Prince of Peace for 6 yrs. Here's my honest opinion. The small, family oriented atmosphere is a far better place for your child than a HUGE, public K-6th. Out of 800 kids at the local public school, a few are going to be 'bad apples'. Yes...POP shelters children, but I would rather have this environment until my child is in 9th grade and better able to psychologically handle those types of kids. The academic program is better than average (I don't need a stressed out 'Challenger' child on my hands anyway) and the morals taught at POP are an added benefit.

- submitted by a parent

February 16, 2007
We have a son in the jr. high and a daughter who recently graduated and is doing great in high school. We were pleased to see how well prepared she was, academically and socially. Love all the neat opportunities that are available for every child: the sports, music (individual lessons and esp. the great handbell choir). Nice dedicated science lab with young energetic teacher. Beyond technology program & lab has exceeded my expectations. What the kids are learning there is great prep for high school and beyond. Nice family atmosphere. Love hanging out with other parents at sports events.

- submitted by a parent

January 15, 2007
My child went to Prince of Peace for 9 years, starting in kindergarten. She received an excellent education that completely prepared her for high school.We found the teachers to be extremely dedicated and focused on the complete development of the child.There are many field trips that are directly related to the subject matter being taught. The 6th, 7th & 8th grade have field trips that are educational but also promote self confidence & teamwork. The administration & teachers are always available to address any concerns. The Christian aspect of the education is totally outstanding and, because of the school, we now consider ourselves part of the Prince of Peace community.

- submitted by a parent

September 18, 2006
We came to Prince of Peace because we heard the kindergarten teacher was wonderful...well she was the only one. We found the other teachers to be of poor quality, and the administration, indifferent to parent concerns. There is a required parent involvement, so parents have to fulfill service hours, but few do more then the minimum. There is a constant demand on parents to fund raise - a constant awareness of the schools lack of money and poor budgetary planning, and the classroom and teacher quality suffers because of it. The small school atmosphere is only nice if you are looking to socialize with other parents..if you want a quality education, look elsewhere.

- submitted by a parent

January 28, 2006
Prince of Peace school is a gem. The school is very small, but the kids get exposure to art, music (band, handbells) and sports (volleball, basketball, and track) as well as a great technology program in a warm, Christian environment. Parents are required to participate, but many participate much more than the volunteer hours requested, sharing thier gifts and talents with the kids. The older kids, are encouraged to mentor and 'buddy' the younger kids which is a joy to see, both when your child is the receiver and when they are the giver. My child is now a 7th grader and has been there since kindergarten. I feel very fortunate to have found such a place for her.

- submitted by a parent

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Prince Of Peace Lutheran School
38451 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA  94536
(510) 797-8186
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