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Language Immersion Progams in Fresno areas


msmack415 December 25, 2010

The current city I live in has many immersion programs (Spanish, Japanese, etcâ?¦) for ages 2 and up. I am relocation to Fresno soon, and my daugther will turn 2 in August. Does any know of children immersion programs in Fresno or surrounding areas????

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nagasaki June 13, 2011

P.s. For now the dual program fosters Spanish/English learning. Maybe some day it will include a Hmong\English....wouldn't that be uniquely wonderful?


nagasaki June 13, 2011

If you are still in search of a dual immersion program, Ann Leavenworth Elementary has a superb program. I transferred my child to this school and despite state API, my child's scores were close to perfect! I believe if all parents were involved this school would rank higher...nonetheless, it's a school with students at heart.


tinafer December 25, 2011

Hi. Yes I agree, there should be a program for Hmong/English as well. My three kids also attend Leavenworth and we Love it. I hope with the involvement of many we can show Fresno Unified these programs are beneficial and important for our kids. To be able to continue the language of your heritage or learn a new one is priceless. If more parents both drive in and neighborhood were more involved it would make a great difference. Leavenworth is from Kindergarten-6th grade. Now is the dilema where to send them??

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