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Where do GATE students go for middle school after Manchester?


amystonemom August 10, 2012

We are from out of town. We would like to know where can we send our 7th grader? She is in the GATE program in our current city. Is it Computech Middle School? Do they accept transferring student?

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MagnetMom August 26, 2012

Hi amystonemom,

In California, there are a few ways a district can handle GATE students. From clustering GATE students in a regular classroom to magnet programs, you'll want to know specifically what's available to you.

The GATE page for Fresno Unified is here:

Let us know what you find out.

Good luck


DollyWest September 28, 2012

You posted last month, and I hope you found a good spot for your child. She would have to apply to Computech, and I'm not sure how they handle kids who arrive from out of town. A lot of kids who applied during the school year were already turned down due to lack of space, I believe.

We were in a similar situation (moved in too late to test) but fortunately, our neighborhood middle school, Tenaya, has a decent GATE program. Our child was happy there, made some good friends, and took all GATE classes except for PE. It's a full GATE program that prepares you well for high school.

As an extra bonus, instead of spending a couple hours a day traveling to and from Computech (not at all close to where we lived), we were a couple of minutes away from Tenaya.

A lot of people prefer Computech for a couple of reasons: (1) Their kids went to Manchester and all their friends are applying to Computech (valid reason, but it doesn't apply to you) or (2) Everyone knows if you go to Computech, it's a "GATE school" -- in other words, it's "impressive." If you tell people your child goes to Tenaya, they don't know your child is in GATE but...well, who cares? There were great kids in the GATE program there, great teachers, and I was pleased with it.

A couple of friends who are teachers (in Fresno, but not at either Computech or Tenaya) agree that Tenaya doesn't get the love it deserves! ;)

Good luck!


TigersRock1975 October 9, 2012

Computech does accept transfer students, all they need do is apply. The application can be found on the district website I think. The computech website also posts the application. There are some differences between the Computech program for GATE and other GATE programs- principally that students get additional classes and opportunities for electives and other programs over traditional middle schools where students only get one elective opportunity. Students at Computech also receive a technological education that is second to none in the valley. Having had a couple of my own children go through the Computech program, I will say that it is quite a blessing for children to attend there and be completely surrounded by students who want to be there and who want to learn and do well. A great school atmosphere.

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