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Crime Rate in Fresno??


monica85 April 30, 2013

Hello me and my family plan on moving to Fresno this summer. I have done a bit of my own research but I was wondering if I can get some feedback from the locals. What are the neighborhoods I should stay away from? Anything I should be aware of? I know there is crime everywhere..but I would really appreciate the feedback!! Thank You!

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Alicia02 May 3, 2013

Fresno is know as the meth and chlamydia capital of the world. Full of gang members. My husband lived in LA and said it is worse here. Good side or bad side of town it is everywhere. People smoke pot out like it's the thing to do (I hate it). The police have the reputation for shooting and killing you innocent or not. If you are on the so called good side of town you have hookers walking the streets. The tower district is gross, dirty, with tons of bums walking the streets ( we like to call them zombies), actually the bums are everywhere too but I've seen tons getting naked and changing clothes out in the tower district ( I hat having to go out there). I do not like that I am raising my children here. I drive them and pick them up from school. We have had children taken waiting outside for the bus in the morning, even in my neighborhood (which looks very nice) we live around retired people. I thought how wonderful but you smell pot in the early morning and night and bums always out. I can not put decorative things on my lawn because it gets stolen (even got my chair stolen). We've had neighborhood watch meeting but there are just too many losers out here vs the regular folk. Sorry to scare you but here is a link you can read more from others...


monica85 May 3, 2013

Thank you @Alicia02 for your feedback. I've been hearing a lot of bad stuff from everybody I know. I spent the whole day over there and it didn't seem too bad. Some areas were nasty..I'm not going to lie..I really am going to consider your feedback..thank you again.

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