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12500 Sand Canyon Ave.
Irvine, CA 92618

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(949) 387-1199
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August 25, 2014
We are so happy to be entering another year at Crean! My older son is entering his junior year, and my younger is just beginning as a freshman. We have been so happy over the last two years here. The students are friendly, and have a strong shared desire to achieve, and work toward college. There is are very few issues with drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, and when there is an issue, they do not shy away from dealing with it. We love the security of random drug testing. Our boys are athletes, and have had amazing experiences with the coaching staffs of their sports. These men are coaches and mentors, good at what they do on and off of the field, and many in the classroom as well. The teachers genuinely care about the students, are strong and well prepared. Our son has begun the testing process for college entrance and is scoring extremely well, which is an accurate match to what his grades are at Crean. The school is growing , but seems to be keeping up with the growth with new classrooms, teachers, etc. Our favorite part is the ribbon of faith that runs through every subject, not just the bible classes. Prayer is consistent, and real. This school has been the perfect fit.

- submitted by a parent
July 23, 2014
Crean is a special place. The faculty and teachers are enthusiastic and supportive of each student. It has a nurturing environment and is small enough so that no one gets lost in the crowd. Irvine is filled with top notch schools, yet we wanted a less stressful environment for our son, where he could discover his interests without staying up until after midnight simply completing homework. As a family we believe in raising well rounded individuals with strong character, not kids who are only concerned about their GPA, test scores and how they compare to everyone around them.

- submitted by a parent
June 22, 2014
My daughter really loves this school. The students are nice, the teachers are caring and the curriculum is nicely varied. It has an excellent music program and it's nice that all the students are encouraged to join the sports teams. They don't have to be the best of the best to join so regular kids get to enjoy the camraderie and joy of playing high school athletics. Of course the best athletes get the most play time and the teams do really well for the school size. This school would get a 5 out of 5 except I was disappointed with the Old Testament class. A Lutheran school should have a good Bible program, one that points to Jesus. Instead the class seemed to focus on those awkward salacious facts. Other than that a great staff and educational program!

- submitted by a parent
April 11, 2014
Really pleased with this high school. Clean, attractive campus. Strong administrative leadership. A teaching staff that is energetic and committed to both the students and the mission of the school. I checked about the cap on international....they get inundated with international requests and have an informal cap that adjusts from year to year--otherwise, could easily become an all-international school. Orchestra, choir, and jazz ensemble are really impressive! This school has got talent. Pretty mellow bunch of students overall. Not a high drama campus, hallelujah!

- submitted by a parent
April 09, 2014
this school is getting better and better. I think this school need to be deserved better. anyways, hope this school is getting better next year too!

- submitted by a community member
March 29, 2014
There is an inaccuracy in the review submitted by a parent on 01/05/14. The review claims that "the international program at Crean caps their international student admissions at ten percent of its total student population." However, according to the school website, there are "120 students from 15 different countries." The school had 685 students as of 9/21/2013. Therefore, its international students make up about 17% of the total student population. To the extent of my knowledge, the school never has had a cap of 10% on the number of international students.

- submitted by a student
January 05, 2014
For clarification, the international program at Crean caps their international student admissions at ten percent of its total student population. The demographics of Irvine has a high percentage of Asian families who have spent decades in the community. As for teachers in every subject discussing Christ, how refreshing to find a Christian school that does not stray from its mission to "proclaim the gospel". Class size: 18 to 25 students. Language barriers among the students do exist and tend to separate, but not out of snobbery or unkindness; the youth are falling into groups with which they can most easily identify. Academics have been rigorous so far this year, this according to a bright student who knows rigor from laxity. If you are honestly seeking a campus which recognizes the gem of the gospel, Crean does this. The academics are solid. Crean, a new campus, will always be out-dazzled by other more established private schools, but the heart of this school has great integrity. Optional blended classes promote a college campus approach to learning; students can study while minds are fresh and alert . I wish you well in your search for your child's future school.

- submitted by a parent
November 15, 2013
one more thing about Crean per my previous review. They have very little drug problem in comparison with some other high schools. They randomly test.

- submitted by a parent
November 04, 2013
Religion School,each student must study for bible until they graduate from high school. The teacher are always busy, the international counselor is very nice. Many Asian in this school, especial Chinese and Korean.

- submitted by a student
September 03, 2013
CLHS is an excellent private Christian high school. I have had one child graduate from CLHS and another there now and they both have had great experiences. For any critic who challenges rigor see the list of universities that students are being accepted. Last, the environment is caring and safe. School leadership is strong and faculty work hard to teach and connect to students. You don't find that just anywhere. The arts are budding as the school continues to grow and athletics are being well established in the Academy League. Last, the school is all about it's mission and truly tries to live it's Christian mission centered around Christ. My son is in 8th grade and I plan to send him there without hesitation and he is very excited to become a Crean Lutheran Saint. This school could be the best kept secret in the OC and although tuition is moderate it's not the highest in the county and I'm sure it's costly to do business in Irvine. My daughters went on a "shadow day" to get a sneak peak and enjoyed getting an insiders glimpse. I would suggest you should do the same if you're interested in CLHS.

- submitted by a parent
July 22, 2013
Do your kids a favor and send them to the neighboring public schools. Not only will your child have a better experience, he or she will learn much more than Crean could ever teach. This school suffers from massive grade inflation and hands out A's left and right for just completing homework. At the end of the year, I ended up with a 4.8 without even doing much work or even being taught much. This presents a problem when AP testing rolls around, because my classmates and I were all struggling just to finish the exam and it was wonder that I had gotten a 5 on the test. Most others didn't even pass it! I haven't received any detentions or even been tardy once to class, so do I seem like a "troublemaker" to you? Also, most domestic students don't even bother talking to the international kids. I was an international student and most Caucasian students didn't bother talking to me unless they wanted help with homework. Sports are a joke, and the one sport I actually liked was shut down. The social situation at Crean is wretched; friends made on the first day stick around for the rest of the year and others just shrug you off if you're not in their clique. Bottom line: don't go to Crean.

- submitted by a student
June 11, 2013
I transfered to Crean Lutheran after my freshman year at another private Christian high school. First, I want to say that every school has its "troublemaker" kids, and the few that our school does have decided to come to this page and give it bad reviews, so if I were you I would ignore them. Having been at another school, transferring to Crean was one of the best decisions I have made. The teacher are great and really care about each student succeeding. Being in three different sports, I got to experience the great coaches and the awesome athletic programs. The international students are wonderful, and I love hearing about other parts of the world from them. Those who say they don't talk much are those who never go up to try to talk to them! If you make any sort of effort to be their friend they will respond. Some of my best friends are international students. The school is run very well, and it is way more organized than the school I transferred from. I was so surprised at how well everything is done. I have not only grown in my faith since attending Crean, but gained many new friends and learned so much from the great staff. For a great high school experience, Crean is perfect!

- submitted by a student
June 10, 2013
Crean Lutheran High School is likely one of THE best schools around. The atmosphere is incredibly Christ-centered. The teachers are not only experts in their subjects, they love the Lord and love their students. The students are encouraging, supportive, and friendly. Motivated students are given the resources to get into any university from Crean, including schools such as Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, and Brown University, to name a few. The sports are awesome, with fun teams and coaches, and they achieve success often on the CIF and State level. Nearly everyone at Crean loves Crean, and the students that do not are the ones that are coming on this website and complaining. In response to their complaints, yes, there is sometimes a language barrier at first between the international and American students. BUT I have found that if one merely cares to start a conversation, this barrier is incredibly easy to break. Some of my best friends at Crean are international students. I would not be commenting on this website if I did not love this school, this family, so greatly. Do your son or daughter a favor and send them to Crean.It was the best decision I ever made.

- submitted by a student
May 15, 2013
This is school is mediocre at best to put it lightly. They focus too much on Christ more than academics even for a private christian school. I only had one good teacher there where I actually taught me anything. The expulsion rate is high and also the transfer rate is even higher and these weren't really bad kids or trouble makers the ones who transferred at least in fact they lost more students then they gained last year. The school has mandatory chapel every school day except on Wednesdays. The students have little to no personality and are very stuck up and over entitled. This school has a very oppressive environment. the school now has mandatory random drug tests for all students. The teachers talk more about Jesus and personal stories more than they teach. This school was so bad that I and many other students had to transfer to other schools. The public schools in Irvine are much more equipped with better staff and knowledgeable teachers with years of experience. Do your child, money, and your self a favor and don't sent you child here. He or She will be much better off in another school.

- submitted by a student
April 18, 2013
The parents love this school because they are re not aware of the many flaws this school has. First, the International students make up half the school and they are totally separated from the American kids. The teachers get mad at the American kids because we don't make an effort to be their friends but it is because they don't speak English well!!! The school just sends them here because they are easy money. Also, the school brags bout having about 750 kids but since half of them are International and separated, its really only 350 kids. Anyway, the teachers yell at the kids instead of a calmer approach which is distracting. The WiFi is always down and since the school is practically entirely online, it makes it very difficult. We have mostly young teachers who have NO idea what they are teaching. Honestly, I leaned more in middle school than here. The school has the worst dances and other recreation because they have no money. The campus is way too crowded and the school keeps getting more and more students. Parents, DO NOT send your kid here. They deserve a better education and experience.

- submitted by a student
March 27, 2013
Academics are average which surprised us, maybe due to being such a new school. Teachers care about the students and live out their faith on a daily basis. Students on the other hand are questionable and do not seem any different from their public school peers. Watch out for a theft problem, tell your kids to keep their iphones close and as crazy as it sounds, plaid skirts are being stolen from the locker room on a regular basis.

- submitted by a parent
March 14, 2013
Our sons loves Crean Lutheran High School. He is in many advanced classes and the quality of the teachers are amazing. Not only do they excel in what they teach, the teachers (and staff) are caring and totally committed to the students. Many put in many hours going above and beyond. They truly care about your student and give them lots of one on one time. Not only is it an excellent academic environment, the school is strong in developing students character and guiding them to be the best they can be. We like that they have chapel almost every day and the school nutures the students spiritual side as well. As parents (and our son too) feel totally blessed to be part of an amazing school. We feel that they are equipping him so strongly not only for college but for life.

- submitted by a parent
March 14, 2013
Awesome teachers, staff and leadership. Strong academics and warm, kind environment. Can not say enough good things. Our kids have simply blossomed at Crean. Crean has set the foundation for them to have a wonderful future.

- submitted by a parent
February 23, 2013
Many parents rave about this school, but the students are not are on the same page. Teachers are merely authority figures, but granted, there are a couple who excel at their job. Academics are a joke as homework constitutes a majority of the course grade. What kind of school is this?

- submitted by a student
January 17, 2013
This is a great school. The teachers really care about the students. They students utilize 'Moodle' to keep track of assignments and upload their work. It is a very organized and thoughtful method of tracking no only their workload but also their progress and grades. The teachers are very responsive when I send an e-mail or call them. I am blessed to have the ability to send my child to this high school. I would consider it a four star school.

- submitted by a parent
April 27, 2012
I believe there is always room for improvement or I would have given CLHS all 5 stars. Crean has been an excellent school for my now senior son. The academiccurriculum, attentive teachers and staff, sports program, clubs, school activities and parent involvement are all meshed into a safe and caring Christian enviornment. The Best High School In Orange County.

- submitted by a parent
March 05, 2012
CLHS is an amazing Christ-centered, academic school, complete with brave Principal/staff leadership which is not afraid to make tough decisions to ensure the safety & significance for each of our students. I have personally witnessed teachers going above & beyond the call of duty to meet the personal needs of the students by giving grace and providing very creative resources. Our coaches/teachers love our kids. We have daily worship/Chapel services which put focus on Jesus for our salvation and making daily choices. And our next priority is to provide a challenging and well-rounded academic curriculum, again recognizing the needs of those who learn differently. During the 4 years which we have been a part of this school FAMILY, we are continuously delighted by our parent participation among each of our athletic teams and fundraising efforts. I highly recommend that you schedule a visit at Crean Lutheran to see for yourself that we truly Proclaim Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education, and that each of our students is given an opportunity to become change agents within their community and world as a whole. This is an awesome school - come check us out!

- submitted by a parent
February 15, 2012
I was a student here and I cannot say this school is a good school. The wireless connection is horrible and sometimes it gets disconnected. So whenever students take online test, they sometimes have to redo it. Also, from what I see in classrooms, most of the students use their laptops to play games or do other things during class time. It is hard to concentrate during class time when the atmosphere is not focused on studying but playing around. Also, I am not satisfied with how the teachers deal with their students because they sometimes treat students with aggressive tone (This is what I felt). Plus the teachers aren't proficient at teaching. This school has many things to improve in order to get good reviews from the students and parents.

- submitted by a student
October 26, 2011
I am a student at this school and I absolutely cannot stand it. They tell you they have the most up to date technology when in reality, students have trouble connecting to the internet all the time. The teachers and staff only care about getting more students. Only a few teachers are not bitter when it comes to teaching. The teachers need to learn to take their stress out in a healthy way and not out on the students. If you send your kid here, there is an 80% chance they will be miserable here

- submitted by a student
July 27, 2010
Our teen is entering her third year at CLHS. It is a wonderful environment for learning and for personal development. The staff and teachers are devoted to the students. I highly recommend Crean any parent.

- submitted by a parent
April 02, 2010
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a teacher
no rating September 16, 2009
New High School with small classrooms but very up to date with technology. My son is enjoying being a freshman and using his laptop in class.

- submitted by a parent

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Crean Lutheran is a full-service, high quality Christian High School located near the easily accessed 1-5 & 405 freeway intersection (no Christian high school is presently in the city of Irvine or within 10 miles of this intersection), serving a 1.5 million population area. CLHS has a brand new 30 acre campus at Sand Canyon Ave. and Portola Parkway in the City of Irvine, CA.

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12500 Sand Canyon Ave., Irvine, CA  92618
(949) 387-1199
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