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Lancaster, CA
Students enrolled: 683

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42145 30th Street West
Lancaster, CA 93536

(661) 943-3255
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November 04, 2014
I have 3 Paraclete Alumni children 2006,2010,2012 and believe that a safe, faith based, college prep-curriculum produces excellent community and societal members. I have another to attend in the future, he is in third grade now and is already preparing for his future. As for the dress code et cetera...mine were involved therefore held to the standards of the handbook first at home and at school. Yes there are special circumstances everywhere which we have witnessed, some parents need to work lots of hours to keep their students properly involved, others just donate, some are legacys themselves, and some instill in their children their moral code early therefore have less worries. Students whom posses a diploma and are allowed to "walk" at graduation ceremonies are prepared for life and their future is whatever they choose it to be.

- submitted by a parent
October 08, 2014
My daughter attended all four years at paraclete and has since graduated (in 2013). One of the reasons we sent her to a private high school was becasue we thought she would de better in an enviromnent with more strict dress code and behavior standards, a school where students would be held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, we found that she "got away with" a lot there. We grew tired of trying to nag at her every morning about the dress code, and left it up to the school to enforce - which unfortunately they do not. You'll see boy there with sagging pants and girls with tight skinny jeans and yoga pants -- my daughter wore pretty much whatver she wanted. As for the "college prep. level education" -- well, she was allowed to turn in things late and do make up work instead of being held accountable for not doing homework or not having things ready to turn-in on time. She would make friends with some of the teachers and be allowed to get away with murder. We do not feel it prepared her for "real life" or college, where meeting deadlines will definitely be mandatory.

- submitted by a parent
June 11, 2014
Paraclete High School is a great school that prepares and encourages its students. I am a Paraclete graduate as is my son. I have a daughter who will be a sophomore attending now. I came from a Westside Union School as did my kids. I do not believe that students coming from Sacred Heart and Saint Mary's are receiving an advantage. My son took advanced classes and my daughter, as a freshman, took two honor classes. She is scheduled to take 3 honors/ pre-AP classes this coming school year. If you feel that your child is not being challenged, I would suggest speaking to a counselor. They will work with you and your child. I know that Paraclete teachers and staff want to see their students succeed and become prepared for their future.

- submitted by a parent
June 10, 2014
Of course that kids from Catholic schools are taken- this is after all a Catholic school. If the kids from the local public middle schools feel that they write better and have stronger math skills then they would score better on the test. An entrance exam measures a student's ability. And while I do think that all parent need to take the exam seriously I would think that public school kids are the ones with the advantage. It is a good school and a fair system in my experience.

- submitted by a parent
May 27, 2014
There are problems at this school. As for entrance test: some kids have a major advantage. Paraclete is very closely tied to the Catholic grade school. In fact, the principal's wife is a teacher there. Most of the children of the grade school staff attend Paraclete. Kids coming from the Catholic grade school are held in a higher regard--even if they don't deserve it. The 8th grade teacher tells the parents at back to school night about the entrance test & suggests they buy the practice book to study. About a month prior to the test, she copies the practice book, which is copyrighted. Instead of their normal classes and studies, students take practice test after practice test. This is why so many of the kids coming from that school do so well on the test and get into honors classes. That, & they are being heavily supported & pushed by their parents. Who are really the best prepared students? Kids from Westside schools--Joe Walker & Hillview. They have been taught how to write, writing as much as 11-paragraph essays in 8th grade. STEM is a very important part of the curriculum. They've been taught how to take Cornell notes. These kids are the top ranked students in the high schools.

- submitted by a parent
May 13, 2014
I send my child to Paraclete only because it is the best of the terrible options in the Antelope Valley. Be forewarned: take their entrance exam VERY seriously. The school determines the track your child will be on based SOLELY on that test. If your child tests in the top 5%, they can take more advanced classes. If not, they are held back. What are these advanced classes? One of the "advanced" classes they cannot take is Biology in 9th grade (Biology?? All other schools allow freshmen to take Biology, but Paraclete makes the 95% take Health/Computers for the year). This means that your 95% child is limited to how many science classes they can take over the four years. With 4, year-long classes dedicated to Catholicism, a child here is very limited to class choice (1/6 of all mandatory classes taken here are religion courses). Which is why the rankings of that initial test restrict your child significantly going forward. Even though my child has done very well (straight As) in the first two years of Paraclete, my child still isn't able to catch up with those students who were first higher tracked based on that one test taken in their 8th grade year. Good luck.

- submitted by a parent
February 08, 2014
Leadership at the high school is only interested in athletics! Barely a step up from a public school, with rising private school tuition. Think long and hard about this school, do your homework and talk with current families.

- submitted by a parent
October 20, 2013
Epic fail! They decided to implement a technology program that requires all students to rent a tablet from the school each year--with a hefty fee, esp. if it is damaged, etc. The students can not use their own because the school won't have any control. So the kids are finding ways around the firewalls. They are sitting in class playing games and messaging each other. The admin. blocked one messaging app. so the kids found another. The teachers are doing little to nothing in the way of policing this. Even honors students are admitting to abusing the tablet program. So glad we are paying all this money for this nonsense! Not really! :(

- submitted by a parent
May 24, 2013
Not worth it. Don't think private school=quality. This isn't a quality, east coast/L.A. college prep h.s. It did used to have a good reputation but no more. Sports became the focus, meaning kids--who would not otherwise be at this school--are recruited. Strict admission standards gave way to greed; they even downplay being a Catholic school to get more kids. It should be no surprise that the school is degenerating. Many of the old time teachers remember what it used to be like & can't deal with modern kids. These staff members are rude & disrespectful to the students, like telling the kids they are dumb & worthless. The English dept. is good, very hit & miss with the rest of the staff. The AV isn't what it used to be--many have left the community. The demographics have definitely changed, so has the caliber of the students. Many are hard to teach; they are rude & disrespectful. Parents often are to blame for these mean, spoiled, entitled kids who don't want to work hard. Cheating is rampant, as are drugs. There have been many scandals here, and there's lots of politics. I would think long & hard before investing over $30,000 for a h.s. education.

- submitted by a parent
November 16, 2012
Nothing that an average public high school can't provide academically. Lack of administration's leadership regarding the following issues is disappointing. Catholic ideology is rather weak. A few teachers should have been replaced by now, as several have spent more time on their ipads than doing any actual teaching. Kids swear, tease others, copy homework as if there was nothing wrong with it, even during class, & with no consequence. Very social school. Nicknamed "half-day high" for good reason- 9 half days in one month. Limited accommodations into classes. We've experienced several classes with very little student accountability. Lots of scan tron and open book tests. If any of these parents knew one teacher twice has indirectly referred to students as being a dumb_ _ _ , I think people would start seeing it for what it is. While parent involvement is high, many need to wake up and take a stand against mediocrity and demand standards proportionate to the price. Boasts being best school in the AV but those who have experienced excellent schools elsewhere will be disappointed. Students do seem friendly & welcoming. Could be a wonderful school...

- submitted by a parent
August 06, 2012
I am a 1990 Paraclete HS Graduate. I attended all 4 years at Paraclete. I feel Paraclete greatly influenced me to further my education as well as provided many wonderful memories. My High School years are ones that I will always look fondly back on and I absolutely want my children to have the same experience. I went right on to college from Paraclete and I hold 3 degrees at this time, the highest being an MBA. I have been very successful in my career and attribute the basic skill set I learned to Paraclete, which taught me not only about performance standards, but behavioral standards for success as well.

- submitted by a community member
no rating May 08, 2010
I am a former student...it's been a few years let's say, since I graduated. Paraclete was the happiest time of my entire life. I struggled socially and athletically initially but, with the mentoring and attention I received from the outstanding and caring faculty...I blossomed. I was able to carve out my niche. It probably isn't for everyone but, for the vast majority, it will be a great experience. I saw where a parent opined that the difference between Paraclete and other schools is that Paraclete 'creates memories'. I can assure you that it does indeed.

- submitted by a student
April 27, 2010
All four of my children attended Paraclete. They all did extremely well and were well prepared for college. My last is attending right now and has excelled in all areas.

- submitted by a parent
November 19, 2009
Paraclete is an amazing school. The classes are the same as they would be in a public school. Trust me, i was a public school kid for a long time. The difference here is that paraclete creates memories. And i mean good memories. The teachers actually care for a students personal grade. They will take some time out of their day and help any child whose willing to come in. Paraclete also offers many opputunites for a child to excel. There is a club/committee/sport for everyone. Most the kids are extremly nice and the upperclassmen aren't as intimadating. (which is great for the freshman). Well anyways aside from any small flaws paraclete has, its still the best school in the valley. im a spirit for life :)

- submitted by a student
July 10, 2009
My son started Paraclete in 2008 and was welcomed even before school started. He joined a sports team and had the greatest experience ever. Everyone was so helpful and included him in so many activities. He is a little shy but was invited to so many events that he ended up participating and loving it. The academics are very hard and he spends a lot of time on homework and studying but that what I expect from a college prep school. Sending him to Paraclete was the best decision we could have made.

- submitted by a parent
November 25, 2008
I went to this school for two years and never really found my niche between the hardcore religious kids and the hardcore anti-religious kids forced to attend. There seemed to be no middle ground. While it is true that there are kind and fairly good teachers at the school, there is also a surprising amount of hypocritical, derisive, and frankly incompetent teachers as well. The teachers do not practice what they preach (in terms of basic human morality), many teach incredibly poorly (thus forcing you to teach yourself). The standards here are lower than that of an Honor or AP class at a public school. Not to mention, the facilities at Paraclete are lacking- especially in regards to the amount of money required for tuition. Unless you're adamant about a religious education, Paraclete is definitely not worth the money.

- submitted by a student
September 07, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
July 10, 2008
I am going to be a Junior at Paraclete High school this coming 2008/09 year, and all there really is to say is Paraclete is a great school. The kids are all so nice and welcoming and everyone gets along, we are like a family. The extracurricular activities are amazing and it gives you a chance to get closer to the school. Even though the school work is challenging I know that I will be well prepared for college and anything I go onto. When colleges read applications and read Paraclete they know that that child is well prepared and won't struggle. There are no 'ridiculous standards' set at Paraclete..since when has saftey and challenging yourself been ridiculous. I love Paraclete!

- submitted by a student
no rating December 02, 2007
This is my daughter's first year at Paraclete. So far so good. The students that attend all seem very nice. For the most part they all seem to want to achieve. I have no complaints whatsoever. I have no idea what 'ridiculous standards' another reviewer is talking about. I am very happy my daughter is attending.

- submitted by a parent
August 17, 2007
My student is new to Paraclete this year. So far, it appears to be a very tight group of students, parents and teachers. I can definitely tell that this school is designed for the college bound student. The only down side is that the campus seems to be a bit small and the parking situation needs to be updated to handle the large number of cars. It would also be nice to have a stadium for the students and to have the campus updated because it is a bit old and run down for the amount of money that is paid for tuition.

- submitted by a teacher
August 16, 2007
I have one chid in Paraclete and know numerous other families that have or have had children attending. The curriculum is college prep, so don't expect it to be as easy as many California public schools. Public school standards are set low enough to allow as many students to pass as possible to garner the most Federal and State funding they can. Paraclete receives funding from tuition and fundraisers. Their standards are set to accomodate the students and the parents. (Which are high!) This includes the standards for moral integrity of the students, the parents and the teachers. Many grads have gone on to excellent colleges. We all have a lot invested, and you only get out what you put in. It is, by far, the best environment, both academically and morally for your child to attend. If you can afford it, do it!

- submitted by a parent
October 19, 2006
My son is a student at Paraclete and is in the 11th grade. He has had nothing but good experiences there; kids are friendly, zero tolerance for misbehaving, bullying & fighting, excellent learning environment, great teachers (a lot of them are Paraclete graduates themselves). I highly recommend sending your child here. They will have a safe environment to learn and will get the best education possible.

- submitted by a parent
October 12, 2006
Paraclete sets ridiculous standards for the students. They say that they want your children to succeed but then make it almost impossible for them to do so.

- submitted by a parent
May 21, 2006
Paraclete is simply the most academically advanced school in the Antelope Valley. I am a grad and in my year alone at least 7 out of 150 went to medical school. I am currently with two others from my class at UCSD med school. Paraclete is not large enough or dangerous enough to be anywhere near a public school experience and regularly places grads at the nations top programs. Just check alumni lists of Paraclete versus any other Christian school in the valley. There's no comparison. Also, Catholicism is not shoved down your throat. I was not and am not now Catholic, and I can't think of anyone that was converted to this sect. I would recommend anyone who thinks their child can pass the entrance exam should apply.

- submitted by a former student
November 13, 2005
Paraclete High School is basically a public school, you're only paying for your child's saftey, in which you should be willing to pay anything for.

- submitted by a student
October 31, 2005
Children must take entrance exams to be admitted to this school. Parental involvement in required or tuition is 20% higher. Extra curricular activities are abundant and encouraged

- submitted by a parent
August 20, 2005
My daughter will be a sophmore this year and I must tell you that I am very happy with Paraclete. My daughter was definately opposed to attending a private high school. The first day of Freshman year was incredible. They were welcomed by the ASB and staff. A huge rally was put on for their benefit. The instructors are great! The sports programs are awesome. I must say that with today's drama in most public high school, I can actually take a deep breath and not worry about my childs well being and exposure to unneccesary issues. I love the idea of all kids in uniform as a way to identify non-attending students on campus.

- submitted by a parent
October 08, 2004
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2003
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
August 22, 2003
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a community member

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