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Long Beach, CA
Students enrolled: 809
Before care: No

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5870 East Wardlow Road
Long Beach, CA 90808

(562) 429-7013
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June 23, 2014
PTA Meetings at Marshall are what they are supposed to be...filled with caring, dedicated and motivated parents and teachers. That is what it is like each month. Mr. Navia is there always with a motivational story about a student, or a teacher or new things that are happening...there are parents who came last year to join the PTA board whose children won't be attending until this year. That is the level of commitment this PTA has achieved. I think it is outstanding! I have never had a board position. I am a worker bee and volunteer for as many things as possible. The team of leaders are working parents who make the effort to give back 150% to their kids and their school. It's an amazing collaboration between the school and the families. There is always childcare available so you can bring your kids...They often have water and snacks and sometimes even dinner so you won't go home hungry. My child just graduated but I am not done with Marshall. I already told Mr. Navia that I will continue to give to this amazing school. I plan to return and help the library get up to speed among other things they need. It's just that great!

- submitted by a parent
January 26, 2014
As a teacher at Marshall Academy of the Arts, I have been through a litany of changes; all been learning experiences but not necessarily good ones for the culture of our students. Within the past 4 years, the drastic shift in school climate has been a tremendous infusion of positive energy, giving me a renewed passion to explore new strategies to infuse in my teaching practices, and this with the overwhelming support from the administration! Mr. Navia has been instrumental in allowing his instructors to teach from a pragmatic, yet dynamic perspective, encouraging us to try innovative activities with our students and use outside resources such as field trips and assemblies to supplant curricular standards. It's become a very different place from 5 years ago. Bullying, under NO circumstance, is tolerated at Marshall. Mr. Navia brought "Rachel's Challenge", a wonderful program to educate the staff and students on the detrimental affects of bullying; physical bullying, teasing, racial slurs, and even cyber bullying is IMMEDIATELY addressed and squashed when discovered by any staff members and students, providing a safe learning environment that is vital for all stakeholders.

- submitted by a teacher
September 19, 2013
We pulled our child out of a K-8 school and put her here. The main reason is current principal at the K-8 school over the years did not enforce the rules, pulled school spirit down and did very little about bullying. We observed that Mr. Navia has made numerous positive changes to this once struggling school. The biggest complaint from my child was how difficult P.E was. Marshall prides itself in having one of the toughest, award winning P.E. programs in the district. They have top notch instructors that challenge the students daily, yet make it fun, too. It has been a huge adjustment for my child, but I see my child is getting used to it! They call it "boot camp." I have observed it and love the order and school spirit it brings. The PTA is growing with more community parental involvement every year! On another note, there is a review here written on July 9, 2013 which is untrue, since Marshall has a "no bully" policy that they enforce. They make it clear to all students that "it is an honor to attend Marshall and any bully will be told to leave." It sounds like a mean spirited individual who wanted to bring the start rating down by making a false statement.

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2013
First and foremost, this school has the best Principal ever! He is very interested in the students' academic needs and their well being. He brings with him a sense of trust and discipline. Additionally, he shows his fun side to the kids and staff. Secondly, and equally important are the teaching staff. The teachers her follow suit in showing the kids trust, discipline, and a sense of fun in learning. They truly make it enjoyable for kids to learn. The environment is conducive to learning and enjoying the learning experience. It's a trickle down effect that reaches the other staff and the students. It's an awesome school!

- submitted by a parent
August 19, 2013
I love this school. I have 2 boys there. Mr. Navia is an excellent principal. All the teachers & staff there are great with the kids. They encourage & motivate the kids. I couldn't of asked for a better school for my kids to attend.

- submitted by a parent
July 10, 2013
Marshall Academy of The Arts is a wonderful school, that everyone should go to! All the teachers are the nicest ones I have ever had, and they are very helpful, friendly, and teach in a unique way. There is little possible ways to bully someone here if one wanted to since the teachers and staff are always around during lunch, watching us, and during passing period too! As far as any "drugs" are concerned, I have seen no one selling drugs, taking drugs, or appearing in any way "under the influence" of any drug. The staff is hard on students who display any kind of bad conduct, and they are very often expelled, or suspended if an incident occurs that even relates to the ones that someone below has mentioned. The students would have no reason to dis-respect any teachers because they are so nice, helpful, and relatable, every student here has a teacher who they could talk to if any thing bad would happen, and that they trust. This is an amazing school and please don't let some of these bad reviews below persuade you from at least learning about this amazing school!

- submitted by a community member
July 10, 2013
Marshall Academy of the Arts is one of the most dynamic schools I have come across. I experienced first hand the transformation of this school. Marshall was once a struggling school to now becoming one of the most sought after. Marshall's administration and staff create a positive learning environment for all. The administration not only supports teachers in their curriculum but also allowing them to be as creative as possible with the content standards in order to engage their students. It is a pleasure working at a school where the staff put students first. The dedication of this staff shows every year when California Standardized test scores continue to increase in all subjects and in all grade levels. What really sets Marshall Academy of the Arts aside from other schools is how incredibly excited students are to come to school to learn!!!

- submitted by a teacher
June 07, 2013
We are finishing up our third year and I wasn't trilled that we were kept at our home school. I also knew that changes needed to be made there. Well the District new what the major changes were and made the best choice by placing Michael Navia in the lead. As soon as I heard that they were becoming an Arts Academy I knew it was big. Great, positive changes have been made including PTA growth. I'm a little sorry to not be in the middle of the boom but am glad for the part I've played to change Marshall to the neighborhood school we deserve and are proud to send our children to.

- submitted by a parent
May 14, 2013
I have a 6th grader at Marshall. I was very hesitant to send my son here since API and test scores have been historically low. We applied for school of choice so that we could send our son to a different middle school. Our School of Choice application was denied and he was assigned our home school which is Marshall. We considered sending him to private school when he was assigned to Marshall but after speaking to teachers and principals in the district, including teachers and the principal at Marshall, we decided to give Marshall a chance. I could't be happier that we decided to give Marshall a chance. The teachers, principals, and kids are great! My son is happy and looks forward to going to school. The kids are challenged and enjoy being in the classroom. The band/music programs get stronger and stronger every year as well as their sports program. The PTA gets bigger, stronger and more involved every year and we all know that schools with active and strong PTA's make strong schools. API and test scores have been going up every year as well. I will now not hesitate in sending my younger son to Marshall when it comes time for him to start middle school.

- submitted by a parent
November 26, 2012
I am a parent of a 8th grade student that attends this school who started attending in 6th grade. I have had an amazing experience with the principal and all the teachers that my child has had. My son is in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program and I have nothing but good things to say about how successful he has become being a part it. The school administration give the students incentive to do well performance wise on testing (free dress for those who score proficient on quarter exams) or being able to eat lunch with the principal if you are voted by a teacher as student of the month. I believe that these incentives create an environment of learning that students WANT or STRIVE to work toward higher achievements (there is nothing wrong with healthy competition). Students (as shallow as this may sound) need to see that their efforts are not going to waste. Middle school students especially are going through many changes and if they can just get on the right path and be in a learning environment that both challenges and rewards them.

- submitted by a parent
November 21, 2012
According to this site, a great school has excellent teachers, a strong principal/school leadership, and challenging academic programs. This site has just highlighted some of the qualities that make Marshall Academy of the Arts such an excellent place for students to learn and teachers to create stimulating learning as the focus. Middle schools by their very nature can be challenging, dynamic environments. Students in the middle school phase of their academic careers contend with many changes: academically (having multiple classes instead of having one teacher all day), social-emotionally (navigating peer relations on a larger scale), and biologically (maturational transitioning). Marshall staff and administration take sincere pride in trying to create an environment where students can learn, thrive, and namely enjoy the experience that middle school has to offer. While no experience can be all things for all people, Marshall is a place where the effort is noteworthy and a student centered focus is evident. I come to work enjoying what has been created in two short years and look forward to how we will continuously improve the middle school experience for our students.

- submitted by a teacher
November 15, 2012
Marshall Academy of the Arts is a one of a kind school in the Long Beach Unified School District. It offers electives that most other schools cannot offer. The variety is amazing. Along with excellent core classes, Marshall also offers dance, drama, music, chorus, art, MESA, Student council, home economics, technology, Spanish, AVID, multimedia, guitar, piano, and photography. The staff is dedicated and committed and the parents are extremely supportive. Over and over we hear how happy students are who attend here. The Academic Performance Index rose 69 points in the past two years and Marshall has won numerous awards and recognition for its programs. Marshall is a top school of choice in the district with at least three LBUSD principals choosing to send their children there.

- submitted by a teacher
August 28, 2012
Marshall lured many parents and students with the promise of having two arts related electives per semester in addition to challenging academics. The new principal and his pet teachers have positive energy, but don't be fooled. The majority of the 6th grade (Accel/GATE) teachers failed to create curriculum for the new electives they were to teach. My child was enrolled in Multi-Media Design, but spent about 30% of class periods practicing songs the Principal wanted them to sing at school events. I thought the Chorus teacher and students should be doing that. Then the Drama elective teacher decided she would have her students do the Wizard of Oz play. The Multi-Media Design teacher wanted his students to participate. Months were spent watching the movie & auditioning for roles, then rehearsing. Multi-Media Design lessons and activities were rare. And the play NEVER happened! The academics taught by the 6th grade Accel teachers did not meet district standards. The Accel/GATE teachers have NO training in teaching gifted students. The GATE office is trying to teach them, but it's too little, too late and we are outta there! Nice teachers & staff are not enough.

- submitted by a parent
February 14, 2012
Marshall has had an amazing turnaround in just one academic year. The new principal and his young and enthusiastic staff has given the school a dose of much need hope for the future. Parents, get involved. Marshals needs parents to join in and make this school great. We ALL; parents, teachers, students, admin and staff need to band together to help Marshall succeed. No on group can do it alone, it will take a community effort. Get involved, Marshall and its students are so worth the work. Go Rams!!!

- submitted by a community member
October 04, 2011
My daughter is a new 6th grade student at Marshall this year.. and she absolutely loves it!! She loved her elementary school, but she has never has this kind of excitement and enthusiasm about school.. her classes.. the new friends she's meeting... her awesome teachers... she's even enjoying P.E. and Math (never have been her favorites!). We love the principals and all the staff. And we know it's only going to get better with all the work and caring that is being put into making this a great school! Go Marshall Rams!!

- submitted by a parent
September 15, 2011
I am a new sixth grade student at Marshall Academy of the Arts, enrolled in the GATE program, and I think that this school deserves a better rating than a 4 out of 10. Sure, it may not be the best middle school out there, but I think that the teachers are great, the students are respectful, and the Principals are amazing. ( Sadly, I had to rate the school a 3 out of 5, because I can't rate it a 3.5 )

- submitted by a community member
October 28, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
May 30, 2008
Marshall is awsome Especially spirt faire Ms. baily, and runescape

- submitted by a student
September 19, 2006
Hey I am a student here at Marsall and I think this school is the best! And the new principle is one of the best in the world. She fixed our school and now we are safer and we are getting involved with colleges. No other school across the USA....has all their hall-ways named after colleges....No other school...has each class-room named after a college. Mrs.Jhonson inspires us at school to be the best and to make sure we show our work, get help if we need it. She is trying so hard to make our dreams come true....not hers but others. We have some of the best teachers of the United States teaching here at Marshall......We haven't had a fight at school since....I cant remember and thats because of her. She is such an inspiration to me and all the kids at Marshall Middle School.She is a leader!

- submitted by a student
September 18, 2006
I love this school. Mrs.Jhonson is the best principle! It is the best middle school ever!

- submitted by a student
March 28, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
no rating March 06, 2006
I'm still trying to figure out this school. My daughter has been attending this school since September of 2005. The communication between teachers/parents/ and administration is none. The amount of buses for children in outer areas is extreme. Overall, I'am not impressed with this school.

- submitted by a parent
February 13, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
August 31, 2003
As a parent, I was nervous about my children entereing middle school. However, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the teachers, staff, and students of Marshall Middle School. The teachers are gifted and caring. The staff goes out of its way to help in any way possible, and my children made friends for life. With an incredibly active and supportive PTA, this is an extraordinary school. Having had a relationship with this school for more than 6 years, I can say that this is one of the finest schools in the district. I can only hope that those who choose to comment on this school do so with a full understanding of the school and what it has to offer. If they have that, they will only be able to give this school the highest of marks.

- submitted by a parent
August 10, 2003
As a parent and a teacher at this school, I think that if I didn't feel that this school was a good one, I wouldn't send my own children there, or continue to teach there as I have been for the past 17 years. The teachers are very interested in student achievement as well as their safety and well-being. We also have a great sports program, and many on campus clubs. It's too bad people make comments that are negative when they really don't know the school from the inside out.

- submitted by a teacher

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Marshall Academy Of The Arts
5870 East Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA  90808
(562) 429-7013
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