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Los Angeles, CA
Students enrolled: 142

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11801 Mississippi Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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(310) 478-5544
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November 17, 2014
Westview is a hidden gem on the west side for any student struggling through with learning differences. Small class size, high teacher to student ratio, strong academic standards, great teaching staff, committed administration. My son is an intelligent kid who has had to work through an assortment of learning issues, along with the attendant emotional/social challenges, his whole life. He came to Westview for high school and it has been a perfect combination of flexible support and encouragement to take responsibility for his own learning. The counseling program is excellent, and has been an important adjunct to the academics. He has thrived at Westview, and is now a Junior. He is on and off the honor roll, and has begun visiting colleges. His success has ultimately been through his own hard work, but Westview made it possible for him to reach for his aspirations. The new location, though a big adjustment for the kids, has been successful. The correct address is: 12101 W. Washington Blvd Los Angeles CA 90066

- submitted by a parent
April 06, 2014
This school completely changed my daughter's life, not to mention everyone in her family and all the other people's lives she touches everyday and will touch in the future. She is deaf and was categorized as hopeless and unteachable and stuffed in Special Ed classes by our district on a track that would never allow her to attend college. She was miserable, defiant, and wasn't challenged or learning much. Two weeks into 9th grade at Westview, her whole life changed. She suddenly had friends, was excited about school (and learning!) and was getting As and Bs. Now she's heading off to a four-year university and wants to be a teacher. Wow. Thanks Westview!!!

- submitted by a parent
April 02, 2014
My son is a 7th grader on an IEP and has gone to Westview for almost 2 years now. He is excelling both academically, always has, and socially, where he never has. My son is safe and happy going to school and that has been a great relief to us, his parents, because we did not know that he would have been going to another school. No school is perfect, my older son went to a prestigious public high school and we were very underwhelmed by the school and his matriculation there. At Westview we can say that we have had our expectations meet and exceeded. Westview has done what they said they would do and the staff and administration are attentive to our concerns and needs. If you are looking for an NPS school for your child I and my wife wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Westview.

- submitted by a parent
December 11, 2013
First the pluses. There are some amazing and dedicated instructors on staff. The disciplinary VP is stern yet fair, straightforward and respected. The college counselor is helpful and knowledgeable. Our disappointment lies with management. Our son was alleged to have engaged in improper activity off campus. The response was to deny him participation in grad night, prom, and most important to him, graduation, even though he completed all his requirements. We could never understand why he was severely punished for something alleged to have taken place outside the school s jurisdiction. Our pleas for an explanation went unheeded. Our son already suffered with low self-esteem, which he covered with bravado, obvious to those who know him. He was excluded and held to a higher standard than other students. Why he was not allowed to celebrate his greatest accomplishment is unfathomable. He still suffers from the effects of this cruel act, which was viewed by many as the result of a personal dislike for our son. This blow erased all the good done at the school. He was crushed out like a cigarette.

- submitted by a parent
November 02, 2013
well i go here, and im completely normal. One thing i noticed is that everyone else at the school has some sort or disability or something. Its kinda odd. Its hard to make friends here also judging by how weird some of the kids are. The social part is horrible at this school. The schoolwork is pretty helpful though. The teachers let you redo anything if you get under 70%. The teachers are also kinda mean though. They yell at you for dumb reasons and the school is really strict. I dont recommend this school unless your child has problems. (disabilities)

- submitted by a community member
September 30, 2013
I heard that not all of the teachers have a full teaching credential. Is this true? If so, that is a great concern to me.

- submitted by a parent
July 24, 2012
Westview has been a true blessing for our family. Our daughter entered as an extremely anxious 10th grader, unsure of her unfamiliar surroundings and new environment and stressed out about where/if she would fit in. It couldn't have been a more perfect fit! Our daughter has matured, blossomed and grown in so many ways at Westview: it was such a nurturing and supportive academic & social home. Through the mentoring of staff, she became the Senior Class President and Prom Queen, achieved several awards for her academic performance, obtained honor roll grades, and she is now off to college...Wow! We would have never imagined all this would have been possible a few years ago - and without Westview's guidance and support, we may not have seen these wonderful developments. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for all of the effort of the excellent Westview teachers, counselors, and administrators - their hard work, long hours, undying determination, patience and healthy sense of humor made it all possible for our family. Westview has made a hugely positive impact in our lives. I can't recommend it highly enough! The Paffen Family

- submitted by a parent
July 04, 2012
My daughter successfully completed 4 years at Westview and was accepted at the 3 colleges she applied to. Even though Westview classes are very small, several tracks are offered within each subject for accelerated, medium and slower-paced students. Administration and staff are dedicated and supportive; no student is overlooked. Teachers are for the most part excellent and able to accommodate the variety of learning styles of the student body. Sports and electives round out the academic experience. All students, no matter what their disability, are able to achieve success; this is a great school to build a student's self confidence and self esteem.

- submitted by a parent
April 09, 2012
The caring teachers at Westview can't make up for what the school does to a kid's self esteem. Wish I had gone somewhere else. Going to Westview was an daily humiliation

- submitted by a community member
April 07, 2012
I went to this school for five years. And it is so true! This school destroys your sense of self worth. I went here for five years. With emotional issues I already had PLENTY of self confidence issues. But this place took it over the top. 11 years later and a lot of therapy I am still recovering from my experience at Westview. I literally lay awake some nights thinking about how much I despise this place. My family and I are sorrowful that I attended and amazed that I have been able to suceed despite my experience here and the fact that I recieved such a horrible education throughout high-school. Don't let Judy talk you into it! Look into other options for your child.

- submitted by a community member
March 21, 2012
My daughter is a ninth grade student at Westview. She refers to Westview as her " lifesaving miracle." This is the first school she has attended, that actually puts an end to bullying, truly does not tollerate bullying. Westview is the first school where my daughter has felt safe, valued, and free to learn. The teaching staff is gifted, enlightened, and motivating. Westview is providing my daughter with the gifts of learning, self-confidence, and a positive educational experience.

- submitted by a parent
January 31, 2012
This school created success for my son. It is an academically rigorous program that provides students with an excellent skill set when they graduate. Sports is well integrated into the curriculum, which is also a big plus in my mind.

- submitted by a parent
December 18, 2011
If I had it to do over again,I would not send my son to Westview. The reason: his sense of self-worth is lower than when he entered the school. Surely there must be techniques to engage students in ways that lessen their proclivity to be inattentive and disruptive other than meds and consequences. Kids don t feel that they receive age-appropriate treatment. A level system to earn privileges is something these kids thought they left behind in K-5. Our child hated riding the Westview bus. Neighborhood kids call Westview a school for ------- , a pejorative for kids with learning differences. So riding in a bus with the school name emblazoned on it was humiliating. He also wanted to attend a school with more choices in friends, electives and activities. He craved a normal high school experience. We let him transfer out and he is happier. But I don t feel that he is better off academically. Westview does have small classes and wonderful teachers in its favor. I am sure there are students that benefit from Westview, our child did not.

- submitted by a parent
October 08, 2011
My son is a senior at Westview. Previously, h attended a very highly rated school for children with LD. West view has provided him with a vastly superior experience. It is a challenging, nurturing and supportive school that provides children with LD the tools and confidence to use those skills in and out of the school environment. Prior to attending Westview, going on to college was not even a realistic possibility- now it is an expected part of my son's life. The staff, administration and teachers are all great at what they do, care foremost about the students and make Westview a place I endorse without hesitation.

- submitted by a parent
July 24, 2011
This purports to be a therapeutic program, and the teachers in general certainly do enhance that goal. They are understanding and innovative in adapting their methods to the needs of the children, aiming to bolster their self-esteem and help them achieve success. However, that being said, the bottom line success of an educational program, particularly a therapeutic one, lies with its administration. And in this respect, the school falls sorrowfully short. Administrative decisions are made unilaterally, in disregard of the student's known disabilities and the educational plan created to address those disabilities. So unfortunate that the good work of the faculty can be undermined and counteracted by an administration which doesn't seem to remember that the school's therapeutic purpose aims at a positive result for the child, not a negative one.

- submitted by a community member
July 11, 2011
This is in reply to the parent who wanted current review of Westview. The therapists in general seem to be caring. Our child liked his, but I can't say that the therapist was effective. Also the therapist rarely communicated with us. In general, teachers at this school are dedicated, caring, well-trained and very easy to reach. You can't ask for more in this regard. The director is not so easy to reach. She can take days to reply to emails or phone calls. Many students at Westview come directly from residential placement and have some serious issues. The school has lowered the admissions bar probably because it needs to increase enrollment. Drug use is rampant. Only recently was the drug problem seriously addressed, whereas, Summit View tackled it several years ago with dogs and searches.

- submitted by a parent
July 06, 2011
I am in need of hearing current comments on Westview please. Are there counselors / therapist there who REALLY understand the kids? Supportive?

- submitted by a parent
September 14, 2010
My son's Star scores jumped after his first year at Westview. I took out his 6th grade scores (another school) and compared with his recent 8th grade scores and all 4 categories rose to "Advanced". I was so surprised. He is happy there and feels accepted and has found a real best friend. It is a great school for my son.

- submitted by a parent
September 05, 2010
I did not select this school for my child after my visit and initial interview. There are no after school or extracurricular activities...if your child chooses a sport, then they practice one hour during school hours only. They have NO gymnasium....I chose Summit View Valley so my child can have a more well rounded and memorable high school year. Secondly, Secondly, most of the kids that go here have way more problems than Learning challenges. They have Aspergers, mild Autism and emotional problems. Not good. Summit View does not. They have another school (Village Glen) for those specific disorders.

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 21, 2010
Our son went from having failed his first semester of 10th grade in public school to graduating from Westview with a 4.33 GPA. Now he is in his second year at a highly respected four year college, with a 4.0 GPA and a genuine love of learning. From top to bottom, the dedicated staff at Westview and the academic nurturing was the key to turning our son around 180 degrees. We highly recommend this school for anyone whose child can benefit from what it offers.

- submitted by a parent
no rating November 04, 2009
Westview School is a school for students with special needs. I have never been around so many teachers, administration and students who like to teach want to go to school and care about the kids. This is my grandson second year attending this school. He has changed 350degrees with his attitude in everyday life and wanting to go to school. I am pround to be a grandma of a child that goes to Westview.

- submitted by a parent
January 14, 2009
Westview made a world of difference for my son and our family. At Westview, faculty and staff know how to serve our son's learning style and needs and they are helping him to become successful. Other schools made promises they couldn't keep. Westview has delivered. We are all grateful and less stressed. Our son is happy going to school.

- submitted by a parent
November 25, 2008
Our son started at Westview struggling in every way -- academically, socially, and physically. He is now earning all As and Bs, is involved in Student Government and plays on two sports teams. The greatest success however, is the self confidence that he has been able to develop while at Westview. Before enrolling at Westview he simply froze on exams. While he still struggles some, he is able to take exams without the overwhelming anxiety that he previously experienced. Our son will graduate next spring and will be continuing at a four year college in the fall -- far beyond our wildest dreams. Westview has taken the lost and out of place child we entrusted to their educational direction and care and returned a motivated, confident young man with a vision and dream for his future.

- submitted by a parent
no rating November 20, 2008
The Westview Schools unique program made such a huge impact on our daughters education. It supported her strengths and helped her to deal with her weaknesses in a strong and supportive environment. We as a family believed it made all the difference in who our child is today. She is a self asssured, independent student and we owe that to Westview. The staff and the program are topnotch, and they recognize each child for their individuaity,which helps them become mainstream members of society. The Westview school is a lifeline to families that realize their child is not making it in a mainstream school. We are proud to be a Westview Family.

- submitted by a parent
July 13, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
March 15, 2006
Westview is a school for kids having difficulties in regular school. Although the kids are 'high-functioning' it still has a special-ed flavor, with classes that accommodate all levels of student. Involved staff, counselors, and activies.

- submitted by a parent
December 12, 2005
This is a school which specializes in kids with ADD, learning delays, and mild emotional difficulties. It is academically rigorous and may be the right choice for some people who otherwise would not graduate. There is a great deal of parental involvement. At the time my child attended there I was extremely pleased with the academic process and the teachers. However in retrospect I realize that many of the kids who go there are somewhat traumatized for a variety of reasons, and if your child has been sheltered it may not be the right choice.

- submitted by a parent
August 19, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent

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Westview School
11801 Mississippi Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90025
(310) 478-5544
Last modified Westview School is a Private school that serves grades 6-12
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