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How does the enrolment process work in LB. Can you choose or are you told which school kids can go to?


Annieg October 23, 2008

I am moving to Long beach in Jan and am concern that I will be told that my child has to go to a particular school. So you have any choice?

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Tweetyt83 October 29, 2008

Please read what the LBUSD site says below
Student Enrollment Options, Schools of ChoiceParents may choose any school within the district for their children to attend, with certain restrictions. Most magnet programs have some admission criteria, for example, and the desired school must have space available.

In general, neighborhood children have first priority in enrolling in a specific school. (When a school is overcrowded, however, neighborhood children may have to attend another school.)

School of choice applications are generally available at each school in January. At that time, application can be made for the next school year. Deadlines for applying to the various schools or magnet programs are usually in late February each year. Check with your school for specific deadline dates during that time period.


lbgrob January 7, 2009

if you do school of choice make sure you sign up on the first day to make sure you are at the top of the list if there is a waiting list...also once you get into a school of choice in your district you child should be treated as all other kids with regards to school of choice or home school.... meaning they cannot be asked to leave if it gets overcrowded.

I believe there is a school fair sometime soon where you can go and talk to people from all schools in the area... you can get a ton of info including regestratin forms etc....two years ago it was at Cabrillo High School...not sure if its there again this year or not.


Annieg January 7, 2009

Thank you for your help. It is sounding more and more like London school process. I am sure when I get there next week I will quickly figure it all out. If you hear any thing about the education fair please would you pass on the information.
Thank you again for the help.


nicnac January 8, 2009

Very informative infomation, my son is currently in a private school but I'm doing my research now for good elementary schools and the whole process,so again thanks.

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