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Gifted Magnet vs. SAS (School for Advanced Studies)


MagnetMom March 6, 2008

Gifted Magnets may be either whole school (such as Balboa) or on a home school campus (most others).  Gifted magnets can be found by visiting  Families apply to gifted magnets by filling out the "Choices" brochure that arrives in December before the January deadline.  Students are ranked by a variety of factors (as magnets are an integration program) and

SAS (the LAUSD site is available campuses are located on home schools.  Their deadline is in May, and they are separate from a magnet.  Some schools have both a magnet and an SAS.  SAS exist from 1st through 12th grade.  School sites are available at

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planetmort April 6, 2009

In looking at the LAUSD sites, it looks like the programs ...are the same except one has an earlier deadline to apply and might actually be a separate school? Am I missing a deeper difference?

Thanks for all your work here!


MagnetMom April 6, 2009

Hi planetmort.

Magnets are the federal desegregation program, and the deadline is in January. SAS deadlines are typically in May.

There are schools where on the same campus there is a magnet, an SAS program, and a regular school.

I wouldn't say the programs are necessarily the same, but they would be similar. In magnets, priority is given to kids based on their points in the lottery. In SAS, the priority is to neighborhood kids (it's their in-school gifted program), and assuming there is room, then students can apply from outside the school's boundaries. In addition, open enrollment is another April-May option, where schools with openings allow families to apply.

You're welcome. What area are you looking?


planetmort April 6, 2009

Just compiling info for now (I'm in Sunland; you know me :-) ) . Your explanation makes sense; I just got confused since the entrance criteria for the gifted magnets and the SAS programs seemed the same.


Shebamorning April 7, 2009

Hello all, my husband and I researched and researched schools from private to public and charter. We just removed our children from a charter school, since the quality teachers left and for many other reasons. I made sure to send out the applications for the Mag schools and received the letters which are good. But I also wanted to know about the SAS program too. But my only concerned are the Matriculation points from graduation. We are looking at LACES for my daughter next transition. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


MagnetMom April 9, 2009

Hi Shebamorning, as you saw, charter schools can be a little dicey here in Los Angeles. Some are great, but some get a reputation as being better simply by NOT being LAUSD. That's not saying much.

There are ways to keep accruing magnet points if your child were to get into an SAS to keep your options open. Essentially you apply to magnets you have little or no chance of getting in to. The downside is there is always a miniscule chance your child gets in and then you're faced with another choice.

LACES starts in sixth grade. I'm not sure how old your children are, but essentially you want to get rejected three times starting in second grade, then again in third and again in fourth. When you go apply in fifth grade FOR sixth grade you'd have the same points (12) as a student matriculating from a 5th grade magnet.

Let me know if you'd like more specific help.

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