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Does anyone know of any performing arts schools in the San Fernando Valley?


Bleeka April 8, 2008

I live in Canoga Park and work in North Hollywood.

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MagnetMom April 12, 2008

I'm not sure what level you're looking for, because I'm not aware of much at the elementary level, but CHAMPS charter high school is in Van Nuys currently, but might be moving onto the Taft High School campus this fall. Their website is at

You've missed the magnet deadline for 2008-09 but Millikan in Sherman Oaks and Pacoima Middle School offer programs for 6-8, and Van Nuys High School has an incredible magnet program within their Live Concert Academy.

With so many schools going to the "Smaller Learning Academies" model, you might want to contact your local school and see what the local schools are offering. You might find a school closer with what you're looking for. In order to locate schools close to you, click on the "Research and Compare" link at the top of your webpage and type in your zip code and go from there.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


Bleeka April 15, 2008

Thanks so much for responding! My son is going into the 4th grade and I am looking for a school that can nurture him academically and creatively. I will definitely check out that website. They may be helpful.

Thanks again!


psirulehpro August 31, 2008

theres a new musical theatre school opening in the valley... Broadway professionals are opening it...


MagnetMom August 31, 2008

Hi psirulepro,

Where is this school? And is it a magnet or a charter? I hadn't heard of any opening this year, and it would be great to include for people who are trying to get off the waiting list at some of the "hot" magnets. Thanks!


psirulehpro August 31, 2008

hey there magnetmom!
its an "after school" school as of right it wont help with the waiting lists unfortunately... :( but its a great supplement.


DanceMusicLife February 18, 2009

Check out The Performing Arts Group in Encino, I'm helping to get the word out about this place so if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me:!! or check out their website. They offer every instrument music lessons, acting classes as well as dance classes both private and in class form!


Annie501 May 5, 2009

There is a new professional acting space in Woodland Hills. if you want your kids to go into movies or television. This is not a day camp or a performing arts center...but,if you're interested in film acting.
It's on Ventura Blvd. web address is

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