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How do I obtain a school permit for my child if we do not live in that city?


vbperez June 5, 2009

My son will be in 3rd grade next year and will be attending middle school in three years.
I want him to attend a middle school that is not in our city (Torrance, CA). How do I go about in gettng a permit for him to attend that particular school?

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01hannah January 30, 2013

Hello I am in the same situation I have been doin so much research on what I need and how to do it..I live in the lennox district in the city of inglewood but I want my kids to to attend the wiseburn district...I am seeing that these districts don't want to release the student but so that they don't lose money..I am barley going to go ask for the permit but what should I expect?


MagnetMom November 16, 2011

Contact Inglewood Unified School District. Their info is here:

The first place to start is to find out Inglewood's process to getting released from their district and then contact the school you want to go to and find out their process of lottery or however they allow students in.

Good luck.


kabrhill November 16, 2011

Hello, I am looking for the same information. My daughter will be going to 9th grade and I have the same dilemma! We need to get an interdistrict permit as well. I also heard that the city are starting to refuse to give them out due to budget impact. In other words. If LA gives a permit, they give that student (ie money) to another district thus taking away from their own pockets! Sad but it all boils down to money. anyway I also live in Inglewood District, and I am looking to switch schools for my son TO Bennett Kew for 4th grade. Any suggetions


leeara August 20, 2009

How is everybody doing in the appeal process? We have our hearing set for August 27th at LACOE.


leeara July 17, 2009

I will let you all know shortly how it goes in Downey.
I spoke to a Pasadena board member yesterday that said the only real reason they are accepting is if your current district provides something that Pasadena does not.
Looks like my daughter is taking up horses!! =)
PUSD doesn't offer any type of Equestrian classes.


dlee242 July 16, 2009

I am in the same situation as a lot of you. PUSD denied my inter distrcit release. i have stated the following reasons:
1. financial
2. my daughter is already attending Temple City HS and has been recommened to return for the 2009-2010 school year
3. my in laws live in TC and i rely on them for chid support services such as picking up my daughter from school

i am in the second stage of appeal. i have to wait 10 working days. if it is denied i will appeal at the third stage and move out of pasadena.
i think its very sad how the education realm works. my daughter well being educationally and socially is not a factor in there decision. if it was the permit would be approved.
please give me any pointers. this is truly stressing me out and i feel sick!!


leeara July 7, 2009

My update: We got our final denial from PUSD. Our next step is the review panel of LACOE.
Has anybody been given their 5 minutes in front of the board yet? How did it go?


peanuts1 July 6, 2009

pusd parents trying for transfers - we are going to the LA County appeal process - here are list of reasons we stated -
1. logistical hardship
2. financial hardship
3. parent involvement with childs education
Here are the areas we have not included-
1. Gangs/crime
2. Reverse discrimination (white kid)

What will work? Probably absolutely nothing.
I had written a email letter to Pasadena Star News about the "process" I have gone through with PUSD to obtain correct info to make informed decisions and the PUSD's complete incompetence. Unfortunately no one wants to hear about how we know about government incompetence nor how PUSD only cares about their pocketbook and not my child.

I read the legal documents and they are so intentionally vague and ambigious that I feel they have no set proven or written criteria that they use to make decisions except for their ability to intentionally create havoc in a parents life to collect state funds.


proudmom8 June 30, 2009

Hi Leeara: Sorry I didn't respond sooner, been trying to take a break from this stressful situation. I'm in the process of writing to the Board (2nd appeal level) to see if they agree with me. How are things for you? If you'd like, you can write to me directly at: . Thanks.


leeara June 24, 2009

My husband and I are sick over this also. We are waiting for the paperwork to come back from our written request. I will move before my daughter goes to Pasadena.
My husband has asked his employer to get involved and write a letter on our behalf, he is employed in La Canada so they are going to do that.
I will keep you posted.

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