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any advise for preschool in torrance, redondo beach, LA?


maggie-s April 12, 2008

I live in torrance,LA. And We just moved here, so we have no idea about the preschool in torrance,LA. I have a 3 and half years old boy. He is active. I went to a montessori school and I am afraid that the montessori school is not good for him. So I am looking for a good preschool for active boy.
Does anybody here have some advise?
Thanks a lot.

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MagnetMom April 12, 2008

This may be a bit north of you, but the Go Mama Guide is very active on the Westside of Los Angeles. They're located at

In the meantime, you can also visit the "Research and Compare" feature of Great Schools by clicking on the green toolbar on the upper left corner of the webpage.


maggie-s April 25, 2008

Thank you for your kindly help.I will have a check.


mykidsedu October 2, 2008

i too am concern mother as to where to put my children in for schools, but i have heard from others that torrance school district is excellent. i'm not sure, but if you hear different let me know ;). mykidsedu


opglasser October 14, 2008

One of my kids went to La Primera Pre-school in Torrance. We both loved it. The teachers/helpers were all very attentive and the director, Shannon Kolb, is in tune with what's going on in the surrounding elementary curriculum and adjusts the pre-schoolers accordingly. They give the children plenty of outside activities to burn off some of that boyish energy. Good Luck!


maggie-s December 3, 2008

After so many check, from this April, I sent my son to Leap & Bound Academy Preschool in Redondo Beach.Now he has been this school for almost half a year. He learned a lot and had so many fun at school.


PatMcGill December 22, 2008

Leap and Bound in Torrance has been very good for our son and daughter. They also have a newer location in Redondo Beach. Strong phonics program, kids are happy.


Roxanne777 January 29, 2009

My son attends Riviera PlaySchool in south redondo. It's an independant, small, private preschool that is naturally montessori, and has a great student-teacher ratio. Our children have become more self-confident, and developed great social skills at Riviera PlaySchool. we found it on insider pages, but you can also google it -


mamatna February 10, 2009

My four year old twins and I absolutely love the Fun and Friends Preschool through the city of Torrance Parks and Recreation at McMaster Park. The teachers are WONDERFUL! They make every child feel special all the time, and give their undivided attention to them. They have a 5:1 ratio - two teachers and two helpers for a class of 20 kids. The program emphasizes PLAY, which is very important for kids this age. They help develop social skills, self confidence, and patience, and they nurture each child's creativity, while allowing kids to be kids. I highly recommend this program, and wish they would expand it to include kindergarten and grade school too!


fatherrobert February 17, 2009

St. Anthony Preschool located in Lomita Avenue in El Segundo is a very good and safe preschool. Please come and see how our preschool children enjoy their day -to-day experience here in St. Anthony Preschool.
We are not too far from where you are. In fact, we have lots of families living in Torrance, Redondo Beach area, driving to our preschool everyday because we have a very good preschool program. By the way, we are also having a summer program in the preschool. Thank you for your attention.
Father Robert


akoerber March 11, 2009

I live in Torrance and send my 2-1/2 year old son to Beach Babies in Redondo Beach. He has been attending Beach Babies since he was 6 months old and I've been very happy with the low child/teacher ratio and the good mix of play and curriculum. You receive a personalized daily log of the child's activities so you know their schedule. The tuition is likely more costly than places with a higher ratio, but for me, it's worth it.

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