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any advise for preschool in torrance, redondo beach, LA?


maggie-s April 12, 2008

I live in torrance,LA. And We just moved here, so we have no idea about the preschool in torrance,LA. I have a 3 and half years old boy. He is active. I went to a montessori school and I am afraid that the montessori school is not good for him. So I am looking for a good preschool for active boy.
Does anybody here have some advise?
Thanks a lot.

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sad1869 August 7, 2009

Beach Cities Child Development Center is Awesome. They have created a harmonious balance between Academic learning, play, and Structure. The kids love it the parents love it and the teachers really enjoy being with the kids. I've never seen a school with more smiles than Beach Cities C.D.C.


Natmom January 27, 2010

My child goes to Riviera Playschool too, and we all love it. The teachers are always available to talk about how my child is doing, and in fact there are so many of them that I never worry about my son getting lost in a crowd.

I love the director as well -- she is really knowlegable and I always feel welcome to ask her about my child, and questions we have.

I highly recommend Riviera PlaySchool to anyone who wants theri child to be listened to as though their words really matter, and their family treated with care.


4tunemama February 15, 2010

We have three boys and two go to Manhattan Beach Nursery School, a parent participation school that's been in the community for 60 years. It's been such a wonderful school for my two older sons and my third will be entering next year. If you want your children to have an authentic experience at a preschool where they can be free to learn and experience themselves fully, this is the school. My oldest son is very active and he has the opportunity to be outside riding bikes, digging for 'rolly pollies', or climbing on the play structure. If he wants to be inside he can be involved in the many plans set up in the classrooms: clay, glue, paper, scissors, tape, puzzles, gak, various cooking experiences, .We share snack together on Wednesdays and Thursdays and there's always a teacher or parent reading a story. Let's just say it's never boring. And kids come up with their own ideas that the teachers can help facilitate if need be. The teachers are so great with the children. They help the children learn how to express their needs and teach non-violent communication. Also, by being involved in the community as a parent, you have the priviledge of seeing your children learn and grow. Parent education classes are offered as well to help parents understand more about the developmental aspect of learning and what is age-appropriate. It's also a very affordable school. My boys just love it! I can't say enough about MBNS!

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