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How's my son can study at public school?


Anonymous April 24, 2008

We are from Thailand,
Onedays, will be live in your country,Long beach CA USA 90808.
Please,suggestion to me more and more in your customs and tradition too!

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healthy11 April 24, 2008

How old will your son be at the time you come to the U.S.?

I wrote this explanation of how the U.S. schools operate for another person who was moving from overseas to the U.S. and I think it will help you, too:

Public and private schools both operate "side by side" in the U.S.; be aware that every state, like California, can set up its own guidelines for public schools, so long as they follow federal regulations, but they might be different than another state, like Florida.

A simplified explanation about private schools versus public is that parents pay tutition at private schools, but the public schools are mostly funded through taxes paid by a big community, and not just from the family of the student who is going to the school. Private schools may set their own rules, if they don't receive any government funding. For example, they may not have the same age restrictions for a child to begin to attend school, as a public school does. PUBLIC schools in the U.S. are generally intended to provide for the education of students from grades Kindergarten through 12th, which is typically age 5 to 18.

Some states will say that kindergarten is optional, however children must begin to attend school by the time they turn age 7. A few states do provide public preschool opportunities for 3 & 4 year olds. There are exceptions, though, because there is also a provision for children who might have learning disabilities, to be able to get public help even before that. As a parent, you might find PRIVATE preschool and daycare programs for children from infancy on up, but unless your child is disabled, you will have to pay for them yourself.

Once your child is old enough to enroll in Kindergarten (generally the child must turn age 5 by a certain date, like Sept. 1st) then if you want your child to attend a PUBLIC school, they will be considered in elementary school through the end of 5th or 6th grade. (Again, it seems to depend on the state/school district.) Middle school, which is also called "Junior High" is usually 7th & 8th grade, although a few schools also include 9th grade in the same building. MOST people consider high school to be grades 9th-12th; 9th graders are called Freshmen, 10th graders are Sophomores, 11th graders are Juniors, and 12th graders are high school Seniors.

After high school, there is no obligation that the government has to continue to pay for a child's education. If a parent wants the child to attend college, it is up to them to pay tuition again, although a bright student may be able to get scholarships and other financial grants to reduce the out-of-pocket costs.


Single-mom April 25, 2008

Thanks for your kindness.

My son's will be 15 years old on 26 August 2008.
He have graduated G.9 in Thailand,(English Section school),However he need to learning more about English Language at 1st.

So,The Education Partnership High School,which's near my brother house.But that's Public School,Then Could he will be study there!

Thanks for yr kindness and yr goodness,


healthy11 April 25, 2008

If you have proof of residency and your son's records from his former school that show he has completed grade 9, then the public high school should be able to enroll him. You might want to have your brother call the school here in the U.S. to find out if they have any additional requirements as far as medical records your son would need, etc.


Single-mom April 25, 2008

Thank you so much!

May I ask some?
1. The proof of residency of my brother?
2. Which school that my brother need to apply?
3. Can be apply The Long Beach Educational Partnership High school?
4. Please suggest me! some high school?
My brother house at East Hanbury St,Long beach CA 90808(not sure of No.Address)



healthy11 April 25, 2008

Unfortunately, I do not live in California, so that is why you will have to have your brother call the public high school nearest to his house and find out exactly what they require.
I am not sure where the Long Beach Educational Partnership High School is located, or how they select their students. In some cases, there are "magnet" schools that students can apply to, even if it is not the school closest to the place you are living.


MagnetMom April 25, 2008

Hi Single-mom,

You've gotten some excellent advice from the previous posters. You will definitely need to have your brother contact the local high school as to your options when you arrive. One thing to consider is the school year runs from September through June, so depending on when you were planning on moving, you can get him started at the beginning of the year.

Since your brother is in Long Beach, perhaps he can start contacting the schools nearest him. I searched for schools within 10 miles of his zip code, and the results can be found here:


Single-mom April 26, 2008

Yes,Surely I also sent e-mail to ask my brother,but he tell me some school near his house,
"Demille School" but that's Middle school,So I think he is a man,who's never have baby yet! and work hard untill 10.00 pm back home! and He don't know well about high school too!
However,Thanks so much for yr kindness
**I will ask him again for apply "The Education Partnership highschool" Is it near his house?


healthy11 April 26, 2008

If your brother thinks Demille School is the Middle School that children in his area attend, he could call them and ask "which high school do your students move to for grade 9?"


Single-mom April 26, 2008

I'm interest in 4 high school
1.The Educational Partnership High School(Nearest home)
2. Millikan High school
3. las Alamitos High School
4. ST.Joseph high school or St. Anthony's high school,but this private school

I will tell English institution in Thailand,that's my son study for test Sat.
**How do you thinking about all that's school?**



Single-mom April 29, 2008

Dear MagnetMom,

I have list some of high schools that's,which nearly my borther's house.and That's you know, My son from Thailand(Oversea Student)

Public School( If My son can apply)
1. Educational Partnership Long Beach(Nearest)
2. Los Alamitos High School,3591 Cerritos is it?
(cox I read some Article,have some gangs)
3. Lakewood High School

Private School
1. St. Anthony's High School,4832 Clark Ave.
2. Valley Christian Schools
3. Winston High School(Institution in Thailand
advice me!)

Please suggest to me,Cox I can't go there and
my younger brother is not experience too!
I think,who's Mom better than too.
Best Regards

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