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inter-district tranfers


rosema May 28, 2011

we currently live in the Area of LAUSD. Our kids go to private school. How easy is it to get an inter-district transfer to Glendale Unified for employment reasons(saying the employment is nearby or on that route?)

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MagnetMom May 28, 2011

As you've probably heard, LAUSD is no longer giving permits to families who wish to leave the district, except in rare instances.

The permit you're seeking is a state law, so they have to allow students with parents working in a different school district to attend school near the parent's work. In order to qualify one of you must work within the boundaries of that school district (not for the district, rather just within the geographical boundary).

The LAUSD link is here:,1213045&_dad=ptl&_schema=PTL_EP

You can get specific information from the contact at LAUSD. Be aware the deadline is approaching if it hasn't passed already.

Good luck.


rosema May 29, 2011

Thank you!!


rosbugg May 29, 2011

Don't forget to check with the school that you want to send them to to make sure they will accept your kid as well. I use the work permit within LAUSD, but I needed both schools to agree before it was allowed.

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