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LAUSD Choices Brochure Live


MagnetMom November 1, 2011

The LAUSD 2012-13 Choices Brochure is now live online at

You can download the application, review the various programs, and apply online.

Have questions about the magnet program? Feel free to ask, and we'll answer them here.

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doritSL November 1, 2011

if my daughter is already a 6th grader in a magnet program and we want her to go to the same magnet program for 7th & 8th grade, do we need to apply for the 7th grade via Choice or does the school just move all the 6th graders to 7th grade?
(and yes, I know this is a stupid question that I should already know the answer to, but I want to be sure)


MagnetMom November 1, 2011

Hi doritSL,

You do nothing for the next two years, but sit back and enjoy. Your daughter will go through 8th grade, and will receive the 12 matriculation points upon graduation. Congrats on having a great experience. Enjoy NOT having to deal with the "season."


MagnetMom November 10, 2011

With meetings held with community groups, and an editorial by a school board member, the question is how good has the outreach been for the new system? Did you receive the two phone blasts from the district regarding applying? Did you see the post card? Have you had any trouble filling out the application online?

Tamar Galatzan has written about the new process here:


dat976 November 11, 2011

My daughter is in 4th grade this year. She goes to (not magnet) public school where our address belongs to. She's is a highly gifted child (LAUSD tested her - 99.9% intelligency). We applied for San Jose HG magnet this year. We don't know if she will be accepted or not. Anyway she has only one year (5th grade) to finish elementary school. I don't worry much about elementary school choice, but I really want her to go to very good (magnet) middle school. If child never did go to magnet elementary school how is the chance to be selected for good middle magnet for the first year apply. What I mean is, do kids who entered magnet get some "special" points than the kids who never did go to magnet.


dat976 November 11, 2011

This year we applied to San Jose online. We liked echoice and it was easy. Last June we moved and our address changed. We didn't receive our daughter's CST's result of last school year even our new address is already in LAUSD database. I wanna know how parents get the result normally. This September we went to school office and requested the test result, they just gave us the screenshot of program showing my daughter's CST result. Also my daughter's school didn't gave us our daughter's gifted test result. We ourselves contacted to LAUSD person and got the result saying my daughter is a highly gifted kid. I don't understand this school, I think they intentionally hidden the test result.


MagnetMom November 11, 2011

No worries, you should have no problem getting her into San Jose this year for fifth. From there you can decide if Portola is where you want to send her or somewhere else.

San Jose usually has room regardless of points, especially in upper grades.

For the record, we had to contact downtown to get the actual results, so I'm not sure the school intentionally hid the result from you, or that you need to contact downtown to get that result.

Good luck with your magnet app!


GabyGonzalez November 14, 2011

I was told that if you apply to this every year you accumulate points for your child to be able to go to a Magnet program in middle school. Is this true?
I like his school and don't want to take him out to a magnet school now, but want him to go to a magnet program in middle school that we like. Should I apply? Thank you!! Gaby


MagnetMom November 14, 2011

Hi Gaby,

The trick is to apply to a school with very small odds of getting in--say 1000s of applications for 100 openings. Additionally, you apply starting in second grade, and no sooner, to decrease your chance of getting in with a high point count--unexpectedly in say fourth or fifth grade.

There are no guarantees however, since there is always a chance you "win" the lottery and get in, especially given this year when they are going to a mostly online system.

But every year, thousands of families apply just to get rejection points. So apply, and good luck--NOT getting in :)


MagnetMom December 12, 2011

Friday at 5 pm is the deadline for the Choices brochure. The application allows families to choose between magnet, permits with transportation, or No Child Left Behind--Program Improvement school choice options.

You can apply online at or go to your local library or public school for an application.

We'll be available to answer questions here all week.

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