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LAUSD Partners with Donors Choose


MagnetMom November 22, 2011

Soon LAUSD families will be receiving $15 gift cards to fund teacher driven projects on Donors Choose.

Have you heard of this program? Do you have a great project for an LAUSD school? Let us know what you think of this program.

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doritSL November 22, 2011

I found out about the program via a robo call a week ago. So far my kids teachers have not hit us up to support something in their classrooms. I wonder if teh funds can go to a friends group or PTA?

My hats off to who every set this up- with all the students in LAUSD this is like $1.5 or so million for the district. I wonder if the way it is being distruberted is the smartes way to go. I would have reather seen each school get $15.00 per student and let a school committe made up of parents, teachers and students, decided how the money is used.


MagnetMom November 23, 2011

The program is to promote Donors Choose, so unfortunately for teachers, there is that extra step of creating projects and the limitations of the Donors Choose program itself.

The upside, is that in some cases, well-thought-out projects can reach out and touch people to donate who aren't from a specific school (the Starbucks/Donors Choose cards are available in January.

In the meantime, a few tech-savvy teachers can create a few joint projects for the benefit of the whole school.


MagnetMom December 12, 2011

Has anyone had any difficulty getting teachers to participate or getting the gift cards disbursed? Our school is slowly getting the ball rolling, but as a reminder, school gets out for break this Friday.


doritSL December 22, 2011

so far only 2 teachers at my daughters middle school have posted on Donors Choose (and they were there before this new program). I also tried looking up her former grade school (thinking I would give them our $15.00 if the middle school is not doign what it should) and the grade school had no progects posted! Such a sham


MagnetMom December 22, 2011

That's horrible, dorit. My daughter's school finally posted most of the teacher requests, and she was even able to skip a homework assignment in exchange for her choosing her teacher's project. I was less than thrilled about that aspect, but truthfully I wanted her to choose anyway, so be it.

Please make sure you contact your local district and let the district know that your schools are missing out on a huge opportunity. Our principal really pushed and it took awhile but nearly every teacher had something posted by the last week of school.


MagnetMom February 2, 2012

So the cards are gone, the funding is gone, and many projects got funded. How did your school benefit from the program? What changes would you like to see happen?

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