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LAUSD to Sue State to Avoid Cuts


MagnetMom December 14, 2011

Facing $38 million dollars in cuts to transportation costs for magnets and special education bussing, LAUSD is suing the state to block the "trigger" cuts that were caused by miscalculated state tax revenues.

Starting in January, magnet and special education bussing could be stopped. Does this affect you? Can you find alternate transportation?

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mdorn05 December 14, 2011

My daughter is on a waitlist at Community Magnet Charter. There is no way that I can send her to that school if they cancel the school bus. The school is not on the main street so it is hard to go there by public bus. We have a car, but just one car and my husband mostly use it.

So without school bus and no other option for public transportation, I will have to apply at other magnet school.


MagnetMom December 15, 2011

I can see that will be a challenge. You can rest assured, if you're on the wait list beyond norm day (back in October) you won't have to worry about getting in for this year. But with the magnet brochures being due tomorrow, it does sound like you'll have to make an educated guess about your plans for next year.

It's a very difficult situation.


doritSL December 18, 2011

we don't use the bus services, but many of my daughters classmates do. and thoes who do are mostly low income. if the bus services stop, many of these students will have to change schools leaving opening for students who come from families that live closer or can afford to drive their kids to school.


MagnetMom December 19, 2011

I think that will be a last resort, doritSL. Since this is a desegregation program, the district can not just open the schools up and let in local kids. And hopefully, families will either carpool or help the kids take public transportation.


bandparent January 6, 2012

i think its great...but i also think lausd funding is a joke!!!!!!! its son has to fundraise, sell chocolates, raise money for band!!! every kid in band pays 40 - 50 dolllars a week because they dont get funding ...and if they do its enough to buy love the music program and ive seen hundreds quit because they cant afford it cus band gets no teams in lausd get there busses paid for ever game and also doesnt even get transportation paid..we parents pay everything....we pay 50 a competition to pay for bus food and the competition fee..lausd doesnt help us at all.....we cant even get some funding!!

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