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LAUSD should fund band and music programs MORE!


bandparent January 6, 2012

I think lausd funding is a joke!!!!!!! its son has to fundraise, sell chocolates, raise money for band!!! every kid in band pays 40 - 50 dolllars a week because they dont get funding ...and if they do its enough to buy love the music program and ive seen hundreds quit because they cant afford it cus band gets no teams in lausd get there busses paid for every game and also doesnt even get transportation paid..we parents pay everything....we pay 50 a competition to pay for bus food and the competition fee..lausd doesnt help us at all.....we cant even get a decent amount of funding...some schools in lausd dont even compete because of no other districts think lausd bands suck!!! When fairfax highschool goes to compete we get underestimated becuase we are LAUSD...guess what we got second place at state!!!
Los angeles highschool another great lausd band!!! Help us out LAUSD

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MagnetMom January 7, 2012

Hi bandparent.

At least you have music. My daughter's elementary school doesn't have music--so an outside orchestra comes in after school as enrichment. So it's for a fee.

As my daughter is in fifth grade now, we're looking at middle schools and sadly, very few schools have any type of a strings program. Some have percussion or band, but strings isn't an option. So her years of elementary orchestra are for naught.

I do agree that LAUSD does not have adequate funding, and the parents continue to take up the slack.

Good luck with your competitions.


doritSL January 11, 2012

Magnet Mom,
Although my daughterâ??s middle school does have a string music program, they only allow one elective (and my daughter wanted to take robotest).
So we have her in a local music school which has a community orchestra. (The school is $30.00 per week for a lesion, but the orchestra is free). I know it sucks to have our kids do stuff like this out side the school setting (were they are with friends and were you donâ??t need to schlep them) but at least itâ??s something. I believe you live in the Valley and Silver Lake may be too far from you to come for music, but maybe there is something like this in the Valley.

Band Mom- yep the funding thing sucks and will suck more in the months to come. Have you tried to get a grant from a music minded non profit or get a local business to pony up some cash for the band? Good luck


MagnetMom January 11, 2012

My daughter is in a conservatory program through Valley College, so she has her music plus lessons. But coming from an elementary school with an actual orchestra, she'd like to keep it up. She's willing to even play percussion over strings, but it's crazy that there are programs at one level and not at the next. Of course, the LAUSD honors orchestra is now defunct, so they are really saying that music doesn't matter much. I'm glad the honors band got to play the Rose Parade, or else they might not get the recognition they deserve.

We're looking at Reed--which has a 7-period day and allows for two electives (one is Latin, the other would be orchestra). And Millikan's performing arts academy which would allow her to play. And the magnet we chose allows for a string ensemble during their advisory period twice a week, but that will mean she'll have 45 minutes more homework those days.

We'll see where she gets in, and go from there. In some respects, May can't get here soon enough.

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