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LAUSD Proposes Allowing Families to Pick Schools


MagnetMom January 10, 2012

Turning traditional zoned enrollment on its ear, today LAUSD will consider a proposal that will allow any student to attend any school regardless of where they live.

Details would have to be hashed out, but the proponents hope that allowing families to select schools would increase enrollment. Similar programs in cities like San Francisco and New York City are controversial, as students can end up without a school after ranking several top choices.

What are the benefits you see? Can you imagine the drawbacks?

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MagnetMom January 11, 2012

And the proposal passed. As did a mandate for Dr. Deasy to increase LAUSD attendance by 5% over the next few years.

Interesting times we live in. Let's hope they take a cue from what doesn't work.


hajime2k January 14, 2012

The benefits would mean less hassle in getting permission to send the children to schools closer to where parents work, access to better-performing schools, and might increase enrollment from kids that currently enroll in private schools.

The drawbacks I see are having bad performing kids being sent to good schools which could dilute the education for the rest of the students. It could also make it harder for the poorer performing schools to meet state targets, could force low enrollment schools to close which would hurt certain segments of the county, and might not do much to better educate students as a whole.

For me, I will soon have a stepson in the equation. I live in walking distance to an elementary school, but I am not too comfortable sending him there (test scores, he'd be one of the very few Caucasians there). I like several elementary schools in my area and it would be great if I had an easier time enrolling him in one of those.

LAUSD has its share of poor and very good public schools. I would like the poorer performing schools to do better, but not at the cost of lowering the quality of education at the better schools.


MagnetMom January 19, 2012

What surprises me, is that no one is differentiating this from the current open enrollment that already exists. Of course, they have 90 days to bring back the details, but we already have numerous programs of choice, and not as many are utilized.


katedmg January 22, 2012

That is great news! Does that apply to magnet/charter schools as well? Do you still have to be a resident of LA district or any part of the county? We can't be more happy - our kids are both Gifted and academically advanced but we are strugling to get them in good schools. We live in San Gabriel district which doesn't give us a lot of options;tried to move to LA district but then we had to be careful about what sub-district we are going to. Finding a residence depending on schools rating become our life and we are sick and tried of it! Our son didn't get accepted into HS #9 only because we live outside of the boundaries but at the same time, kids local to the school with way worse performance and grades are getting in! He was very upset and hurt by that... We came here from FL and have to say - system there was much better - if you live in a county - doesn't matter where - you can attend magnet school of your choice as long as you have your grades on a certain level. That's how it should be! Give kids that want to learn what they deserve!


MagnetMom January 22, 2012

Hi katedmg,

We'll know a lot more in three months when the superintendent presents his plan to the board.

It will not affect magnet selections, since the magnet program is a court-ordered desegregation program. More importantly, it will likely be in effect for LAUSD students. In order to attend an LAUSD school, you'd need to be released from your current district.

You might want to consider working within the LAUSD boundaries because the state law dictates you can have your children attend near where you work.

Until we know more, stay tuned.


Caligirl12 January 28, 2012

I wonder how then they will accept children? Lottery? There is only one good elementary school in my area, so the demand will be much higher than open spots. Also, people have paid premium prices for housing to belong to the prime school district, what will happen to the values of their houses? Probably will go down the drain. I am seriously afraid that my son will be left without a school...

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