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Saugus union school district - intra/inter district transfer


miyer123 January 16, 2012

I am having a hard time finding after school care for my 1st grader. The neighborhood school (which is good) doesnt have childcare openings and other than the place where she is (which has issues) there aren't any other childcares that pick up from her school.
Hence I am thinking of getting her transfered to another school. However, so far, schools ranked better than our own are "closed".
So my question is - is there anyway I can work around this issue? I can understand closing off schools funded by mello roos tax etc but other schools should be accepting transfers...
Any advice is welcome.

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MagnetMom January 18, 2012

Hi miyer123,

As you've seen, the schools with childcare openings can have long wait lists for that very reason. Some schools here in the Valley have Y programs, and others have an LA-city funded program called "Beyond the Bell." But neighborhood day care providers usually pick up at the schools as well, so if you haven't tried that route, you might want to look to see which day cares pick up at your current school. There might be chain operators, local independent child care centers, and there are almost always small providers who do daycare from their homes.

As for schools allowing transfers, go back and ask the ones you're really interested in when their open enrollment period is. Typically these schools have an admission period--because they fill the schools before the year starts in order to staff properly. They typically take applications in the late winter or early spring, which means you are probably coming up on that season now.

Good luck.

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