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Small Class Size, Active Classroom? School suggestions needed, please!


SmithFam15 January 30, 2012

We just had an IEP meeting for our 4th-grade son, and it was suggested that our dual immersion school might not be the best setting for him, as he struggles with attention and verbal processing and has had behavior issues. He is very bright, but has really struggled the last couple of years being in non-structured, not-so-inspiring classrooms of about 25 students.

I have a picture in my head of the classroom I think he would excel in: small class size, with ACTIVE learning (making and testing predictions, using technology, project-based learning, etc.), strict but also compassionate and understanding of his struggles, etc. I don't know of a school that fits the picture I have in my head. (I, personally, don't think the dual language program would be much of a problem if the other things I describe here were there.)

We are in the San Fernando Valley, also not far from Santa Clarita. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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MagnetMom February 2, 2012

Hi SmithFam15,

Have you looked at CHIME in the West Valley? You can read parent reviews here:

It's very well regarded in terms of accepting and accommodating IEPs, as well as working with mainstreaming children. Many families of gifted students attend as well.

Other schools to consider would be Our Community Charter in Northridge-ish. They're off Devonshire and Corbin.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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