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Year Round Schools


starr2be2 February 2, 2012

We're moving some where in LA/OC area in April. My daughter starts K this coming year. Can anyone give me names of schools or areas that are year round? Thank you so much!

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MagnetMom February 2, 2012

Hi starr2be2,

Los Angeles Unified has been on a crusade to eliminate yearround schools for several years with a building program. There are literally only a few schools left on year round calendars and even those will be on a traditional calendar by next year.

I can't speak for Orange County, but I haven't heard of many people seeking it out.

What are you looking for specifically?


starr2be2 February 3, 2012

Specifically I guess we are looking for a relatively safe neighborhood and a year round school. I guess Orange County is definitely my best bet if LA is eliminating then. I've been separated from my husband since Aug and the only way he'll allow me to move out of state (300 miles) with our girls is if I find a year round school so that they get more frequent extended visits...


MagnetMom February 3, 2012

I understand why you're looking for them. In your case, they make sense. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any schools that do it in LAUSD, with the exception of a few high schools that have a modified year round (six weeks at winter break and six weeks in the summer. They're also high schools and they're not in the best area.

Go ahead and call a few districts in Santa Clarita (just north of LA). There were still some there that had some.

And talk to the districts in Orange County, but again, the schools have been coming off year round rather than going on to year round.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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