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Moving to LA from NYC. Silver Lake/Echo Park schools?


dzhyde February 2, 2012

Considering Franklin, Ivanhoe and Micheltorena. Opinions? Other schools to look at? Atwater? Clifford? Thanks!

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dorothys February 8, 2012

We are at Franklin Avenue and really love fact I was just here thinking of posting a review of it. It's a larger school, but a lot of fun, with plenty of arts programs (crafts for every holiday, plays, music classes, a talent show). There's a great after-school program, the teachers are very friendly and seem to take an interest in my son, and the parents are very involved and constantly coming up with (mostly painless) fundraising ideas. The Web site is friends of franklin. com if you want to get a feel for the community.


milsmama February 25, 2012

I moved from Orange County to LA two years ago, and my then 2nd grader began attending Micheltorena after we toured many of the local schools. I can tell you that this school is absolutely fantastic! Parent input is highly encouraged, the principal is accessible and open to new ideas. The school has come a long way in the last few years, and the momentum for continued growth is strong. I encourage you to take a tour and see for yourself! I know my daughter has never been happier, and is excited to wake up and walk to school every day.


jnalaielua February 25, 2012

I am not sure if you found a school, however, may I suggest Dorris Place Elementary. It's an intimate school with an east coast feel.

You may want to google our school at Dorris Place Elementary, Los Angeles

My home school is Clifford and I choose Dorris.

There is a enthusiastic and involved parent group called Partners of Dorris(POD), that you may want to inquire about.

It's a small school with a big heart.


Shelli-Anne February 26, 2012

We have two children at Atwater Elementary (K-6) and absolutely love it. It's a small neighborhood school with a deep community ties and a really active parents group which is always rolling out terrific events for the kids for either no or little cost. This year they put in a huge edible garden with EnrichLA and each Wednesday there are garden stewardship classes (making snacks like tabouli, learning about composting or vanishing bees etc). There's also music, arts, field trips. Most of the teachers have masters degrees and are led by a new young, energetic principal with a fierce clarity of purpose and ambition for the kids. There's a facebook page Friends of Atwater Elementary and school website The principal encourages drop-in visits anytime so feel free to swing by and visit us!


doritSL March 8, 2012

my daughter loved her time at Micheltorena, she was there from k to 5th (last year. we are at King now. Also a great school). Great mix of incomes and cultures. Best principal you will ever find!
All Silver Lake schools are great schools. I advise you tour each of them and ask the questions that are important to you and your family, like some schools demand parents donate to the school booster group, others welcome the donations but understand Silver Lake has a lot of low income residents. Some schools welcome parent involvement in all aspects of the school, others want parents help but limit what parents can do.

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