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Best elementary schools that focus on art near the Hollywood area?


angeladesign February 27, 2012

Any suggestions for my 3rd grader? We are new to LA and our first school, Cheremoya, an LAUSD elementary is an awful school. I am willing to move out of the area.

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MagnetMom February 27, 2012

Hi angeladesign,

I'm not so familiar with schools over the hill but you will have two enrollment options this late in the year (sadly, magnet apps were due back in December). You can look for charters which will likely be having their application period right now, and then the LAUSD open enrollment period will be in late April or May.

Start here: and compare the nearby schools to Cheremoya. Perhaps Citizens of the World charter or even one of the private schools might be an option.

If you're willing to move further, you'll have longer, since you will be allowed to enter the school as a resident, and not under permit.

Make sure you know what you're specifically looking for and then look here: and read the parent reviews. And ask to tour before you decide to move.

Good luck.


doritSL March 8, 2012

I hear lots of great things about Chyermonia (spelled wrong sorry) in Hollywood on Franklin Blvd.


designparent March 23, 2012

I highly recommend Gardner Elementary for their arts programs. The kids are learning a lot on the computer and have a keyboard lab every week. They also have a singing class, and a theatre class weekly. I have heard excellent things about mr. sigler, the third grade teacher.

Good luck!


daisygirl1150 April 2, 2012

Franklin Avenue Elementary in Los Feliz is wonderful - terrific teachers, clean and well-maintained campus and classrooms, great principal, lovely families and kids, strong arts and afterschool programs, and high achievement. Plus the neighborhood is great - relatively affordable, very walkable and safe. Good luck!

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