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LAUSD Magnet Acceptances Next Week!


MagnetMom March 31, 2012

I just received word that the 2012-13 magnet application acceptances will go out next week. Good luck to all!

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MagnetMom April 3, 2012

Some folks received them Saturday, others Monday. Check your mail!


lchabut April 4, 2012

Dear MagnetMom,
Can you please tell me where I can get a magnet application? My youngest daughter is in kindergarten now and I'm not sure how the program works but she has already been identified as gifted and I was told she could still get points for the program? My 10 year old is also in the GATE program but I was told it was too late for her...Any info you can supply me with would be great!


MagnetMom April 5, 2012

Hi Ichabut,

Magnet applications are available in November and December (due mid December) for the following year.

Most magnets do not require gifted identification--they are a desegregation program that allows families to choose a school with a theme for their child to attend. There are gifted magnets, and those do require that a child be identified in order to apply.

Double check on whether your kindergartener has truly been identified or not. LAUSD does not identify children before they reach a certain age, and the earliest they can test is typically the very end of kindergarten so I'm not sure whether there'd be results or not yet. But as I stated above, most magnets do not require a child to be gifted to attend.

You would be applying for your daughter next winter for the 2013-2014 year, so for when she's going into second grade. Your 10 year old is also eligible to apply each year--there is no "too late" in terms of age of a child.

For more information, make sure you visit:

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