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Requirements for registration


samanthamgc April 16, 2012

We are moving from Texas to LAUSD and I would like to know more about the requirements. What do I need to bring from the older school (I have a PK and 4th grader), vaccines, etc.

Any one that know a webpage or something?

THANK YOU in advance =)

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ariste April 16, 2012

Hello! My kids do not attend LAUSD but here is a link to their website - hopefully it has some good info for you,47493&_dad=ptl&_schema=PTL_EP

I know that vaccines are definitely required!

Hopefully you are landing in a great place with good schools - LAUSD can get hit or miss depending on where you live. Unfortunately where I live the school district is not so great so we chose private.

Best of luck to you!!


MagnetMom April 17, 2012

Here are a few links you can use:

To find your school:

When you register, you want to call the school and see if they make appointments or if you can just come by during certain hours.

You will need a utility bill or a lease agreement--not a phone bill (they can be mailed anywhere).

You'll need to take your immunization records for each child.

They'll want their birth certificates as well.

School is going to end in late June, and the offices will close soon after. This year school starts in mid August this year as we transition to a new calendar (called early start). So please try to get in to register

Good luck, and if you have questions about enrollment options or anything else, feel free to ask!


samanthamgc April 25, 2012

Thank you both!! =)

the thing is that we are looking for the apartment now. My husband is staying with their parents there for now (that school seems to be GREAT!!) but when we get there we will move to our own apartment, that we don't have yet =(
We are moving until the girls finish here the year.

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