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open enrollment??


sweetunagi April 16, 2012

Hello - we will be moving back to LA this summer. Unfortunately, our local elementary is not great. can someone please explain to me the open enrollment process? I'd love to have my son go to a neighboring school. Thank you!!

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MagnetMom April 24, 2012

I will post it here. LAUSD will post it on their website, The Daily News will post an article at, and the LAUSD's Facebook feed will very likely mention it here:

The list changes every year, and the one for next year will be up soon.

Good luck!


sweetunagi April 24, 2012

Thank you MagnetMom - where can I see the posted list please?
I appreciate all of your help!


MagnetMom April 17, 2012

Hi sweetunagi,

Open enrollment typically happens in May. The district will publish a list of schools with open seats--not every school has openings. From there, you go to the school and fill out an application. Depending on how many apply, there would be a lottery, and then you'd find out by mid June if you got in.

The dates might move up a little since LAUSD is going to an Early Start calendar that will begin August 14. But pay attention to the Daily News, the LAUSD Facebook page, and I will post the information here.

Welcome back to LA!

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