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pgk368 April 18, 2012

Hi! My wife and I have two children. My older son will be entering first grade and has done very well in kindergarten. My younger son is autistic. He is currently in a preschool program at our local public elementary school in CT from 8-1 every day. We are planning to move to Los Angeles over the summer and are looking to find a public elementary school that will work for both children. We would prefer to live up by the studios in the Valley (Studio City, No Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, etc) but would not be averse to living on the Westside if we found the right elementary school. We are familiar with many of the higher ranked elementary schools (Carpenter, Colfax Charter, Wonderland, or on the Westside, Franklin in Santa Monica, Mar Vista Elem, etc) but it is very difficult to find much about their reputation regarding students with special needs. Any information would be much appreciated? Are their any public elementary schools known for their special needs programs? Thanks so much!

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MagnetMom April 20, 2012

Hi pgk368,

I'm located in the North San Fernando Valley, and my daughter's school does a great job with both regular children and special needs children--so much so we turned down a magnet school--twice. If Granada Hills is too far for you, I do understand.

Another school that is well regarded in the Valley is CHIME charter in Woodland Hills. Again, just a few minutes from the studios, but it is further than where you are currently looking.

Hope some of the folks from the other areas comment as well.

Good luck, and welcome to L.A.


pgk368 April 20, 2012

Thanks, Magnet Mom...I was hoping to be a little closer to the studios, but Woodland Hills is certainly within the realm of possibility. Here in Connecticut every school seems to have good services for special needs kids...some are better than others, but a good deal of resources are provided. What type of services would a Carpenter or a Colfax have for special needs kids? And how difficult is it to get into a school like Chime Charter? Is it based on living in their district or is it strictly based on a lottery? Thank you, i am still hoping to hear from other parents who have a similar situation, too.


DBinLA April 24, 2012

My friend has an autistic child and sent her son to Culver City schools. She also is the director for a company that assists kids with special needs to make it on their own after high school. I will find out her thoughts. Culver City has a few studios, so do not know if this will work for you. She might know about SF Valley schools.


doritSL May 2, 2012

Although not in the Valley, Micheltorena Street School is in nearby Silver Lake. Micheltorena has a great program for children who are autistic and has a great SAS/ Gifted program (as well as music, art and other extras). the web site is The Valley is a great suburban community, but Silver Lake is much nicer in the summer than the valley.


KailynMomof4 May 4, 2012

There is Roscomare Road elementary school.. Great academics, Great parent involvement, amazing teachers. Im not sure if it has a special aid program, but all of my 4 children went there and were happy with the results. It is in the hilly area of los angeles, but not too far from the valley. look it up.

-KailynMomof4 :)

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